Shapeshifting Group


@Aiden_Crow I just can’t delete it at the moment, because I’ve passed my maximum edit count. I do realize it was a stupid comment too.


thank you


Anyone else completed the Sorath exercise?


@Swifty Sorry. Wasn’t thinking clearly.


I second what @TheStorm said.

Have any of you finished the sorath exercises.


That’s today for me. I’ve been very busy.


Alright brother let me know when it’s done.


let me know if there is something for me to catch up on to strengthen my abilities, haven’t done much with my wolf in a while I’m starting to feel bad :joy::wolf:


bah don’t worry, we all can have those moments


Ok I did it.


How was it.


Einar you beautiful son of a bitch how’s it going.


It was interesting. Morrigan said no to sorath. She said that I wasn’t ready at this time. That my emotional state is too fragile and I’m still healing from the past (that’s one of our main focus) and that soraths energy could be too much as that if too much comes to pass that something could go very wrong. So instead I was told to go with herself and lugh and that any in balance would be taken care of. So I used the same incantation for sorath but with lugh instead. I could feel my bieng physically vibrate, especially in my pheonix form. It’s easier for me to access those energies without me shapeshifting as well. I definitely feel different.


So, what’s the next step


@Aluriel @Raven_Maleficus @arianna @thestorm

We did this a long time ago now i left you all develop for a while which i bet you’ve leaps and bounds in your evolution and what you wanted to become is already with in you.

So how about we get this back on track with more power, more potency and the goal physical transformation.


Im ready for this !


Great brother lets wait for the others


The storm is gone.


Oh yeah :joy: so you up for this brother


LOL I guessed as much