Shapeshift into other human beings

Hello I have a question about shapeshifting

I am curious to know if somehow you are being taught to shapeshift through magic or a demon or a god and if it’s also possible to take on the form of other human beings

for example you shapeshift secretly in the bathroom or something to take on the form of a brother or sister or some other family member from a person you are speaking too or are communicating with

I would like to know this about shapeshifting because it would seem very cool to me if I can shapeshift into other human beings as well as some creatures

No. As was stated in your previous post about turning yourself into a demon, real magick is not Hollywood magick, so you are not going to suddenly become a chameleon who can turn into a bunch of different things at will. Magick in the physical world does not work like that.

And please don’t make duplicate threads asking variations of the same questions. If you can’t turn yourself into a demon, you can’t turn yourself into another human being.

Shapeshifting isn’t physical, it is a form of astral magick. You can learn to project an illusion of yourself that will change how you are perceived by others (it’s what’s known as a “glamour”), but you cannot physically become another person.


Okay sorry

There are no shortcuts. You can learn to do some pretty impossible things when you put forth the time and dedication, but you have to learn to crawl before you can learn to run at light speed.

From what you said in your introduction, you are only at the very beginning of your journey into magick, so you can’t expect to wield what amount to adept level powers from a single ritual for hire. If it was really that easy, everyone would be doing it and there would be a lot of monsters, werewolves, vampires, and anime cat girls, running around everywhere. You need to prepare, and learn the basics, before you can think of pushing the limits of possibility…


Okay I will read more on the topics of interest first and if I have further questions afterwards I will post them if I am unable to find the answers to my questions on the forum or the site of becomealivinggod

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The flashbacks, oh the flashbacks!

OP: Start by meditating daily. There are other forms of magick that need no previous experience/skills/whatever and you can practice right now by putting the time, like DarkestKnight’s angelic mantras (of those, I STRONGLY recommend the spiritual perfection mantra, I even use it myself on a daily basis)

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Id go with team werewolf if all that was possible lol :joy: oops, didn’t check the time…1month later…