Shape shifting....the soul..and kitsune

So ive been reading up on all the shapeshifting posts…and ive got to say…im pretty much hooked…on achieving…the ability…but i guess my question is…how far. Can i go once achieved…as i posted in other articles i found a… path or goal that im set on…that i s the path of the kitsune…ive perchased tons of books in shintoism,legends from all over the east… and much much more…and ,ike people suggegsted om here… ive been working on contacting inari okami…and to my surpirse…inari has responded… i have to say… ive grown very fond…of connecting with him…and i feel now that my goal is achievable…i guess the question ive been having though…is as far as kitsune go…the majority have started out as foxes…who later on could take the form of a human if so desired…in truth… they are shapeshifters…and isnt the human race…or being human…just a word to begain with? Ive also read that…the universe is all energy…our souls, all things are connected…more or less…so through shape shifting…i feel the path…or road to becoming kitsune…is the same that is followed by foxes…im not sure if im understanding things… right…so i thought ide ask…there seems to be a lot of oppionoins on shape shifting… on this forum…or ways people have been… attempiting to achieve physical shifts…when i asked inari…his answer was at best…very confusing…and not confusing​:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:g…so could my theory hold up…or is it…not practicle??


Did you already ask this before? I think the answer was ‘you can’t’ - not if you want to stay alive. In some stories ladies became Kitsune after they died.

It’s said that Kitsune came to Japan via China, where they were called huli jing, fox spirits. That means they don’t have physical bodies, they’re paranormal entities. I would bet that’s why they grow multiple tails, can fly, and shapeshift - it’s an astral shifting projected into 3D.

Otherwise, there’s some info that you’d have to be born one, which also probably means you’d have had to be born Japanese, but I think that’s more about Japanese people in Yahoo taking the piss out of people asking if they can become Kitsunes.

The Japanese do have a state of possession by a kitsune called Kitsunesuki for the living.


You asked if im willing for self destruction…the anwser is yes…not out of any state…of menatl discomfort, or depression…its more than that…and i understand… the more more astral concecpt…but people say you can shape shift with the astral form… and yes full transformation MAY not be… possible… but it seems like people have a lot of differnt opions… on shape shifting…soo im just kinda confused…on the how and process…and sorry for all the typos…my keyboards broken…but thank you for your quick response friend😀

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I mean… isnt magick all about pushing the boundries of realaity…and isnt realtiy… in the eye of the beholder…and arnt we only limted… by pur own personal beliefs…these are questions that run through my head all the time…soo what do you think


You’ve really answered your own question I think. Lots of things have been done that were never tried by the peoples of the past. If that’s what you want to do, then list the changes that you would have to pursue, figure out a regimen of how to accomplish them, and do it. All these threads asking for ideas, at this point, are just a way of stalling so you don’t have to take the risk of either failing or succeeding (each of which can be equally terrifying in their own way).


Your totally… right :grinning: thanks

Hello can you post how you talk to inari and do you have some information in this topic (i can not found private msg button)

Hello hello! The first step to talk with an inari is to click the banner bellow and introduce yourself to us by following the instructions! It’s one of the few rules around here!


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or if you have any new info about kitsune

And if you can please ask Inari for sigil to evocation/invocation (idk other methods of contact and with sigil it is easier)

I don’t think they have sigils besides ones you make yourself

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If sigil is only link any spirit can make his own

You can be guided by a spirit to physically create one but they are not necessary. My bad if I’m changing the topic

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Read this post.
OP asked the same things and we gave her answers. She has now been able to contact Inari, you should as well.

You keep asking this is weird, please talk normally on this forum or have @Lady_Eva change your name.
People prefer to talk here, not be spammed by others they don’t know yet.

It’s cool :slight_smile:
I’d say Inari and Kitsune in general are different than what we know from the Goetia, etc.

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So in this circumstances i am writing here read my last post at How can I send private messages in this forum? i am explaining why i normaly are using pm(s)

And in the topic @darkchylde write “ive been working on contacting inari okami…and to my surpirse…inari has responded” but didn’t metion any method

I’ve read your other post and still stand by my comment.
As for how she contacted them, well I’ll say that’s not a bad question. There were a couple of options put out but we don’t know which ones worked for her.

Wait what

Sorry mate…my internets been down:sweat_smile: but if you want to private message me im good with that…or if anyone else would like to know…i can make a post of the complete details…and how i did it🦊

Sorry my internets been down😁…i can give details if you are intressted