Shape shifting into a terrifying creature

can shape shifting be used to look like an abomination so horrifying it would give it to be love craft nightmares like a cross between a werewolf vampire wings and a and monsters claws and sharpen Bard’s Tale can it be done and who has the balls to do it give me tips or tell me if you have done it tell me about the ball the in the china shop if he can do it you don’t have to worry about the Jehovah’s Witness ever coming around ever ever nor the mailman stealing your girlfriend have someone done it?

If you can physically shapeshift you can even turn into an inanimate object, so monsters are doable too. That’s not something alot of people can do though, at least not ones who would likely post about it here.

Personally I think this would be alot of fun, but not there yet.

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We can tell you what’s possible, but you have to work towards it yourself. I can transform you using my awesome Hollywood magic skills if you’re in a green suit.