Shameless Manipulation

i didnt want it to come to this but mother dearest took my phone some time ago ( shes im on it to much) so without it i cant read my books listen to music or watch videos. as much as i ask her she keeps either saying no or just saying when shes ready ( which is a very long time ) . which brings me to my question is there any manipulation rituals or spirits that can help me sway her mind and get it back fast ?.

Try working with king Paimon. In fact, musta krackish posted a ritual a long time ago for the same sort of thing, involving master of the woods herbs.

Most of us here who started young and are in our 20’s - 30’s didn’t have mobile phones with internet, video on demand, e-books, so don’t worry too much, I know stepping back is hard (I lose my mind if the net goes down! lol) but it’s not the hurdle it might seem.

Do you have a school or youth club that lets you print stuff for free? If so, choose some classic (short) books and print those, really dive into them… I didn’t know magick was even something other people did when I started, I had to patch together ideas from children’s fiction then later things like The Goiden Bough, sometimes the less we have the harder we work it, instead of getting distracted.

Just trying to cheer you up! D

This is a chance to turn an obstacle into an opportunity.

I can’t help but consider the possibility that this happened for a reason. You’re currently pathworking your way to demonic kingship, isn’t that correct? So maybe your demons are trying to tell you something, or pushing you to make something of your predicament. Maybe your advancement is to be found offline, and they’re trying to get that message through. Maybe they want to see what you’ll make of the situation. Just guessing here, but worth considering. The beings you work with should be able to tell you if you talk to them.

thanks malady both of you managed cheer me up its just ive reached this point that i only am interested in alot of magick nothing really extra curriculur attracts me … but ill prevail. :slight_smile:

Thankyou salpinx i needed that lucifer is my patron and he did say my life would be warped:).