Shamanism for Personal Power

It may be my “Magical Shiny Object Syndrome” or because Paralda refers to my “successes” in the Shamanic Paradigm but my intrest is sparked again…
A while ago I used Shamanic travel extensively for every purpose but mostly Training and Healing.
Like spliting in two and doing 2 different Jobs while Traveling, Morphing into Animals or merging with Spirits.

My question is I how have you used the Shamanic Toolbox for your ascend?
Wich technique helpt you to improve yourself/your situation the most?

Do you get affraid of hurting the person or spirit you merge with? Because that happens to me every fucking time, really annoying… I like to get in direct contact with the essence of what Im dealing with, but this feeling hinders me bad.

Shamanic Toolbox? Would you care to elaborate? My branch of Shamanism doesn’t have this. Or if it does, we don’t use that term…

I think he meant Shamanic Skills Baphomet… well, who knows?

Journeying, Journeying and then some more Journeying in all three shamanic worlds: up, middle and under.

But most progress I made by undergoing the shamanic death ritual, more than once and regular isolation in the woods.

As Bran said it is journeying. Not sure what you mean by tool box. I assume you are journeying to the lower world. Hard to tell what exactly you are asking. Please clarify.

Shamanic Toolbox = Every Skill or Technique used in this Paradigm from Trance indiction to Extraction, Journeying or psychopomp. (I just call it that way)
What ever served you well.

[Quote]Do you get affraid of hurting the person or spirit you merge with? [/quote] Nop not at all. I feared to loose myself in the Merging… at least befor I tryed it.

I hoped to include more than Journeying by the term of Toolbox.

OK thanks. Well to answer your question; no I haven’t used Shamanic Journeying or any other Shamanic spiritual ability on my path to ascent.

[quote=“Vergil, post:1, topic:3127”]My question is I how have you used the Shamanic Toolbox for your ascend?
Wich technique helpt you to improve yourself/your situation the most?[/quote]

Training in shamanic journeying took my scattered and half-arsed collection of evocation (into objects), invocation, structuring thought forms and so on that I’d been playing with since I was a child, and helped me weld it into one coherant practice, and I use every single tool I was ever taught and have expanded on them all and developed them.

The main thing I got from it was the dual - it’s not really “gnosis” just actual experience - that 1. everything has a soul, of some kind, or an intelligence you can actually interact with and 2. if you treat the “world tree” in core shamanism as the axis mundi of the person you’re working on (also of yourself) you can develop whole new ways of working.

For example, what you see around it will reflect the dominant influences in that person’s life as accurately, and far more custom-made, than a tarot reading, and just playing with that concept means the only limit is your own imagination.

Also the ability to project my consciousness into things, which I talked about in a thread about using your own body as a LITERAL temple that you can soul-travel within, all kinds of stuff - go through your chakras, for example, see what’s there, it’s like having an Access All Areas pass for SO much!

And every other skill including evocation to visible form without any base (incense or whatever) got boosted because I was constantly using my 3rd eye to see in that realm. There’s the added bonus that every single journey you do, you acatually grow more and learn more and have experiences that boost your various skills.

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Simply put - in evocation, the spirits come to you. In shamanism, you go to them. I highly recommend looking into it (training). I have learned so much from the spirits during my journeys and it has spilled over into my other workings as with Lady Eva.

not to take this thread off topic but how much does shamanism factor/overlap the ATR’s? I read recently where the Eye said he would like to do most of his work with the spirits on the astral. is that similar to shamanism? or is that something different?