Shamanic journeys

Can someone share their experience with me so I can know if I did it right. It was my first try and I can’t seem to differentiate between whether I was journeying from the usual images I recieve when meditating.

I layed down on my bed with some earphones to listen to shamanic drum beating, with a blindfold on to block out the light. I imagined I was in a forest with a dark cave up ahead, the sides of the entrance made by bricks. All around me were endless amounts of bamboo trees. My goal was to find my spirit animal. As the drumming went on, I went into a light trance and moved closer to the entrance. Before I went in though, I felt something pulling me away from the cave, so I followed the pull down the path that was behind me.

But it led me no where and I walked down the same path for a while with no new results. Then I opened my eyes and restarted the whole process, using the same cave as my entrance. Not long after I had entered the cave, I didn’t find any ground and felt myself falling for a while. I read that most of the people go down with the help of roots but since my entrance point was a cave then I guess free falling was the way to go.

After falling for a while, I arrived at flat ground which was carved with grey stone, the only source of light coming from above me, only illuminating around me, so I couldn’t see up ahead. Then a flash light came out of nowhere. I began to walk foward without thinking of which direction to go to while waving the flash light around. As I continued to walk, I came across different types of animals, including a fairy, if it is an animal.

I was going by a rule I was told to use, that if I come across at least four different images of the same animal doing different things or behaving in a different way from the other, then that animal is the spirit animal I am looking for. Some animals only appeared once, other than a yeti or was it a sasquatch and different kinds of snakes all slithering around.

I lost count of how many yetis and snakes I saw, so I guess those two are my spirit animals? Please let me know what you think as well as your experiences.


When i tried to find my spirit animal I had something talk to me and he said he was a gremlin and he was my spirit guide and he has no name anyone else have had this happen was expecting an actual animal and was completely taken by surprise


I am a fan of more traditional Shamanic journey, while we aren’t going to suggest drug use here.

Are you able to fast for a day? Also a very short-term dehydration fast (not longer than 6 hours, for safety). Even the use of incense. The drum beat is okay.

The journey you took seemed too cluttered, I would suggest re-attempting this.


Update us, if you do it again. I rarely see anyone go down the paths our ancestors took like fasting for spiritual interaction.

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If you were doing this from my tutorial, you did in fact get off-track :smiley: and while there are endless arguments to be made about going with the flow I contend that with this method the establishment of an axis mundi as the World Tree is vital in the early statges, you can explore later.

People will say there is no wrong way to do a thing, but there is in fact a RIGHT way to learn this specific method, and that implies the existence of polarity - there is certainly, if not a wrong way, a way that will not yield the same fast results as the core shamanism method is proven to do.

I’ll copy a bit from the tut:

Close your eyes and visualise, which is to say IMAGINE, a tree - ideally one that you like and have happy memories of.

If you don’t have a memory like that, just imagine a tree that looks good to you.

Do not get distracted by random passing thoughts.

Do not “see” something else and let your attention wander, just keep looking at the tree.

Imagine walking towards the tree, and take hold of it if that helps.

Find a nice deep hole in the roots (even if it’s not there in your “real” tree you based it on).

Dive down into the hole and keep going…

It seems to me these are where you went astray if following that tutorial:

Do not get distracted by random passing thoughts.

Do not “see” something else and let your attention wander

There’s also a caution to not mix & match methods, so creating or “seeing” a cave comes from a different system. :+1:

I can teach people the core shamanism system and then it becomes infinitely adapatable later once you have your axis mundi - what is harder is trying to adapt it from the get-go, because you can end up just wandering around and not getting anything established… :smiley:

The system I teach requires 3, not 4, images of the same animal though, so if you’re working another system go with that - again, later you can adapt it.

But the caution at the start of the tutorial I have is there for a very good reason:


Do not attempt to combine other methods with this, you will just hold yourself back, do this as given and once perfected, then and ONLY then attempt to combine other paradigms. Seriously! :slight_smile:

If you are working another system though, go with that as i said and ignore this.


Well the system I used is similar to yours, very similar. The reason it led me astray was because I was told to go with the flow and let it guide me, which is why I turned away from the cave. I’ll try with your method and use a tree, I know the perfect one with has a rabbit hole inches from it, then I’ll see if that one works better. Thank you

There really isn’t a right way, it depends on the type of traveller you are. If your a linear traveler you will see things progress like an adventure your going to go on. You start in your safe haven and progress from there. If you are a Void traveller like me you start in the center of Living darkness it’s almost like liquid black. While in there a symbol or doorway will appear and take you where you need to go. So just Linear you go them. Void they come to you.


For that update. I did as you had suggested and fasted for a few hours, doing it along with Muldoon’s thirst technique. I felt a bit weakened though. While avoiding eating, I also avoided drinking any substances and ate a pinch of salt. It’s an unpleasant method but I think it worked. Throughout the day I kept imagining myself eating and drinking to increase my hunger and thirst.

I then felt myself becoming drowsy and headed to bed. I kept my thoughts focused on not sleeping and whenever I almost did fall asleep, I used my mind to wake myself up. After less than five tries, a few seconds after I had fallen asleep, I instantly realized I did and felt my legs kick forward before I woke up. I had these strange feelings including that I hadn’t done it myself. I looked down at my body to realize that it did, in fact, not move the slightest from the position I fell asleep in. But the kick felt so real. I think I had almost done it and if I do it further, then I’ll eventually have my whole astral body out of the physical… I think.

Oh, I’m speaking of something totally different from the topic, but your method worked really well. Thank you

That’s kool, I’ve read a lot into shamanic trials and they believe when the body is under stress does the spirit world flow easily, no mind to restrict it from coming.

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Heyyo @Lady_Eva I would be super duper grateful if you could send me some info regarding the core shamanic practices. I absolutely love how malleable it could be once the basics are mastered and I feel that it’s a path that’s calling me. Any info is greatly appreciated and I’d give you 100,000 brownie points lol :grin:

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Hi Lady_Eva is your tutorial on core shamanism still available as I would very much appreciate a copy if that is possible.

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