Shamanic journey Question

I did a shamanic journey yesterday.

My starting point was a Tree near my college. But I had trouble visualizing it so I chose another tree.

So I entered hole near the tree. And as I entered I saw myself going down with the help of a root.

Just as the root ended I landed in a spider Web. There was a large spider coming to my side. Then suddenly 2 " goat headed" creatures came and killed that spider with their bow and rescued me. Then I started to walk with them. After some distance I saw a group of more goat headed creatures dancing around a boot camp fire. When I asked about them to the " creatures" walking with me. They said that those goat headed creatures (dancing one’s) did wrong things during their life and now they are facing it’s results.

After walking some distance more. I saw some monkeys in a cage. Those monkeys threw some stones on the goat headed people walking with me.
So the monkeys were killed by their bows.

Then. Came a big fort. Like a kingdom. There was a king which was goat headed sitting on his throne.

I was thrown in front of him. And was made to kneel In front of him.

Suddenly my eyes opened. And it ended my shamanic journey.

Any thoughts on it??? What could it mean???

The goat is a symbol of man’s carnal nature, the spider represents the universe manifesting it’s physical dimension. the web represents the matrix of existence also related to serendipity. the number 2 represents the duality of the universe. The throne is the seat of power the conscious mind in control of the body, a group of monkeys symbolizes social opinion and the throwing of stones is the casting of judgement, the bow represents practical knowledge in action by the direction of will.

I think your vision means that you want to understand the universe and do magick etc. and you want to explore your desires and relinquish your false guilt, but are afraid of what people will say about you. You will find it within yourself to break free of the opinions of others and find a truth that is right for you.

In the process don’t let your new found moral and intellectual independence lead you to make bad decisions self governance means don’t go breaking your own rules in your pursuit of satisfaction. Remember you made them for yourself when you were in a proper mind state so you could maintain strategic thinking even when confronted with intense emotional states.

So I would say feel free to satisfy your desires but don’t do anything stupid, and when you do you need to maintain control and do not be made to kneel before your desires maintain your own mastery of your life. At least that’s my thoughts on it.


Thanx. That was awesome explanation and makes a lot of sense


Loved the dream interpretation, seems i have a problem understanding the term “Shamanic Journey”. Was it or was it not an OBE?


Shamanic journeying is a specific technique whereby you enter a light trance and most of your awareness leaves your body, in a willed intentional manner, to travel in various non-physical realms.

It’s not an “out of body experience” in the sense of people who leave their body and can describe items on a table in the room next door, it’s more of a willed projection to other worlds - though some people evolve it into that kind of OOBE.


OMG when i did my shamanic journey, I too encountered a giant spider under the tree!! What does it mean?