Shadow's Sleeping Symposium

I think my dreams have been broken. Dreamt I was on a train and had to cross to another train on a connection that was coming apart to rescue someone. When I got there I found them, but we were cornered. I shouted, “Lets go baby bomb!”. At this point the person got on my back and I started galloping around the train with them throwing dirty diapers at our pursuers. Needless to say I woke up laughing, but What the actual fuuuck. … …

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Had another muddled dream, that I can’t remember much of. Did, however remember something about filling 3 stars with something and having 3 different options to do so. 3’s?

I and another walked through a cave to reach a beach. The cave was filled with small spider like things. At the edge of the water was a tarped area where someone was prepping food. I reached it and turned around and saw the other person pick up a branch and I thought they were going to attack me with it. Then I realized it would make a good branch to carve a walking stick out of. I reached down for my knife, but I had removed my belt that it was attached to. I turned around and said, “sorry I don’t have my knife on me to carve your initials” The person took the stick and walked back to the cave. That person was also me? I turned to the person under the tarp making food and quipped about how good it felt in the shade like natural air conditioning. I then walked out to the edge of the sea that was all shallow tide pools. As I walked through them I looked up to see the moon giant in the sky even though it was day.

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was with my first friend. Needed to fill up a flame? A fire trails black smoke into the sky in the north. It is seen by a man that turns to sand on the bulwarks of an ancient city from the south. The man that turns to sand is working with pigmen? He watches the smoke as a signal and waits.

Been a minute. Guess i’ll go back to recording here as well as personal. Had a few interesting ones since last post, but I will start again with last night’s brief, but interesting experience.

I am in a friends house. I need to go so I look for my flip flops, but there are many different variations of them rather then mine. I find a pair that is close and go to leave. I hop the fence and begin to run back to somewhere. A dog, that was restrained charges after me. I turn around to calm it down and turn to run again. All of a sudden I know I am in dream but it changes perspective. I see it as a green field before me. I am traveling at incredible speed over and through it. I am becoming closer and closer to the ground as I travel. Then i collide with it, but the dirt separates in to molecules of sand. I travel through the particles and the vivid picture becomes black and white and I am in a desert with the moon above. ~I wake up


Driving around a desert in a car with my deceased father. We are trying to make it back to a house that is just around a curve. It is the wrong year/time displaced?


Hurrying to pack some belongings with her. We have to leave together now because they are coming. I turn to say something about needing to move faster. She is upset with me calling her slow. We both slip out the window with our bags. Outside I turn to her and say I’m sorry, I wasn’t calling her out but just worried. She comes close to me and we embrace and kiss deeply. (Dream turns vivid as I can physically feel her) She is in a small black top with a short red skirt. I realize this is probably succubus and before I can talk to her I immediately wake :frowning:


In the high rise hotel again with long white corridors. I need to meet with someone, but have to get back to my room first to pick up somethings. I have a keycard that is a long white rectangle like a receipt. It has random small intricate holes in it that allow it to unlock the door to my room. A lady calls out to me in the hall and asks what I am looking for. I quickly say there’s my room right there. I look at my keycard and it has 11 stamped on it. I see room 11 between 8 and 10 and go in.

16 Jun 22

I am in a room with two other women and another man. We are all naked, laughing, and joking together. I am laying on a bed erect and make a joke about the guy liking what he sees to which we all laugh. He is in a small corner like cell at the right edge of the room. One of the women, who was sitting to the left of us, goes over and begins blowing him in front of me. She watches me as she does it. … … ~The End

18 Jun 22

I’m in a house with a woman.(I never see her, but I know I feel love for her) It has wooden paneling on the inside with windows facing the beach and ocean. I walk out into the small back yard. It is completely squared. It has small moss like grass. There is a small cobblestone square outline in the middle with a tree in the upper left and lower right corners. The trees provide shade and have beautiful pink flowers that fall from them ( Almost like cherry blossoms, but different). I wave to her next to me and we go down and swim in the waves of the ocean below. When I come out I can’t find her or the way back to the house. I climb an orange cliff and end up in a giant hotel with long dark brown corridors. I follow one down for a while and see a group of shady men and women in the corner of a room. They are musicians. They look at me, but I shoulder a broom handle like a rifle and continue my search. I follow another corridor to an open sitting area. There are couches and a giant tv for the people to watch. There are 2 women sitting on the couches watching the tv. Their eyes follow me as I walk through the area. I can’t find my way back to the house and am realizing this hotel to be strange and that I know this place. … … ~The end

19 Jun 22 (Datadump dream)

I am in a pine forest camping with one of my brothers and a friend. The ground is covered in a layer of brown pine needles. There is a white duck peering at us from behind a tree. I proclaim, “Duck’s gonna lurk!” to which we all start chanting “duck’s gonna lurk” over and over. The duck runs by us making duck sounds. … … ~The End

24 Jun 22

There is a festival of some kind in the streets of my hometown. I walk around familiar areas taking it in. Then I go into a theater and sit down with two woman to my left. The furthest is in a white jacket and closest in a dark short cut top. I go to put my arm around both of them, but the girl in white moves out of the way. The closest one smiles and leans close to me. ~~~
I am in a white building with two giant escalators. (I’ve seen this place before in dream) I ride the one on the left down. … … ~The End

25 Jun 22

Have excavated a cave in a forest that seems to be some sort of entrance. I am climbing the cliff over the cave and feel someone is looking for me so I run/slide down the cliff to the area above the cave. I realize their is a bronze plate covering the area above it that is in the shape of an elephants face. It can be raised and lowed to cover the entrance of the cave. It’s surprising light? …

Down in front of the cave. In the forest to the right, looking away from it, is a red pagoda like tower that is partially covered with vegetation. There are little signs scattered and hidden around the base. All are in different languages. One has the flag of Vietnam?..

BBQ’n in front of my house. My first friend and my brothers are playing in a tower like fort in the yard. I drop the tongs into the dirt. I wash the tongs off with water from my cup. I need to flip the raw onions on the grill? … … ~The End

26 Jun 22

Slept really deep. Didn’t see much or remember anything until near the end and it was almost slideshow again.

Staring at the ceiling in my room. A light hangs from it swaying a little. The ceiling is made with darker then black tiles with intricate white patterns on them. As I stare the tiles become clearer and clearer. I then realize I am in dream, the tiles disappear, and I wake up…

Walking down a cemented decline slope that ends in a covered tunnel? I am with two others. I am wearing what looks like my old navy coveralls, but I have the top part pulled down and tied to my waist. The legging on it is too long and I shuffle walk while stepping on them. I am naked underneath them. We walk into the tunnel. … … ~The End

Had my lady send me something last night. I was walking around doing something. (very vague as I can’t remember this part) I then see a marquee that is playing a some sort of movie the public finds distasteful. I walk into the theater thinking this will be funny at the least. Inside the theater is half lit. There are strippers and other scantily clad women hanging out in random seats watching the movie, laughing, and talking loudly about how disgusting it is. I sit down behind one of the women and kinda lounge sideways in the chair, my feet and legs hanging over it into the aisle. The current scene has Seth Rogen beating guts in a giant Jacuzzi with some large breasted woman. He is straining and making all these weird faces as he does it. I laugh out loud and exclaim, “damn I hope I don’t look like that fucking…” The woman in front of me reclines her seat back so her head is almost level with my waist. She looks at me smiling and says, “Do you like it?” I start to notice detail around me and that this is a dream. I see her again smiling. I wake up with a rager and hear my name called almost from a distance… ~The End

In a house by a lake. There is a huge party going on. Inside is a wing restaurant. I am offered a table at the front but it is dirty so I take a combined table in back with a bunch of randoms. Something happens so I leave without ordering and I am in the house again. It is a holiday weekend, but some people have to be back on the ship before 3am. I maneuver through the party and go upstairs where i have a bedroom on the far end right side, past 3 other bedrooms. In it, it is pretty bare minus a long cot with a tv next to it on the left side playing some sort of porno. I leave and go back downstairs and find most the house empty. I look out back and here some people walking away past the pool. I turn back and sneak a coke from the persons fridge to go with my rum. I head back to the bedroom. At the foot of the stairs heading up, to the side, is a woman i’ve never seen before watching tv by herself. she is sitting on her heels as she is perched on top of the couch cushions. I go back to the room and all is the same but the tv is on the right side of the bed. ~the end

Was asleep, but became aware that I was sleeping. Noticed my mouth felt dry, but I wasn’t sleeping with it open. I was laying on my right side and felt myself start to rotate to my back. Then, it felt as if I was grabbed and being pulled quickly off the right side of my bed, except I never seemed to reach the edge. I felt the cave sensation of being closed in and after recovering from a second of shock said “hello?”. The sensation stopped. I sat up and reached for the light over my bed. I clicked it 5-6 times but the light wouldn’t turn on. Then I woke up still on my side.
This is the 3rd instance of the dragging across bed phenomena. Wondering if it is entity related or if it is precursor to astral/OBE.

Couldn’t sleep for awhile after the last experience as I was amped up from the feeling. Finally went back to sleep.

There was a library in an old stone building. It was devouring people, as they would sink through the floor never to be seen again, as if it were quicksand. There was a group of three people trying to figure it out. A man with a small knife and white bracers began killing them one at a time. The third person grabbed at the white bracers and silver plated armor grew out of them encompassing the mans body. A woman jumped on his shoulders and was shaking him telling him to “wake up!” and the silver helmet came off and it was me. I looked around as we were now on a desolate beach. Then, a bird came and landed on my shoulder and tapped me 3 times. The helmet began to reform around my head. Then I was seeing a small white snake inside my ear canal. It hissed, “be careful, they are coming…” . I was then back on the beach behind a boulder. A giant red horned man stood before a gaping maw that opens from the earth. Inside is a misshapen bulbous entity made from rocks, mud, sand, and fire. They talk, but I cannot hear them. ~The End

Dreams have been piece-meal or I have quickly forgotten them upon waking of late. However, last night I had another in the dark world.

I lay sleeping in my bed, but I know I am sleeping. My body begins to vibrate all over. I still lay there with my eyes closed, but my mind is telling me to get up more and more insistently. I finally sit up. My room is dark and the light won’t come on. The device i play rains sounds through to help me sleep is dead. I pick up my phone but it is also dead. I get out of bed and start moving for my bedroom door and hallway. The vibrations are getting stronger through my body. I go to step out my bedroom door…
~ The End

I then wake up in real life in bed still in the same position, body still vibrating. Can’t go back to sleep as all body is completely awake after experience.