Shadownomicon question

So I noticed under each shadow being there is an invocation, how do you use an invocation in this book or an invocation to a spirit in general do you just yell it out loud a few times and it appears?

These specifically look odd tho like

“I hate you….” Blah blah blah so it sounds like you’d say it to someone and that shadow entity would go to that person is my theory… this book is very interesting.

So my question is how would these invocations be used to summon these beings? Like it said whisper 3 times or until it feels enough…is that legit all it takes to make them appear? I’m asking cause that seems too easy.

I’m just asking cause I want to meet them face to face I find this path very interesting

Yes, simply calling a name is enough to call a spirit to you. When someone calls to you with the intent to call you to where they are, you readily go to them. It is the same with most spirits. Only, they are not restricted by the material, and in one way there is no distance between us and them, in the same way that there is no distance between any one of us and any other thing in this universe.

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simply feel the emotion each archetype represents as you recite it. Read it out loud like you would with any invocation, or evocation. Dank is right, but in my years of experience it’s a much better experience to feel the emotion while you’re performing the operation.

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I wonder if I can interact with these entities like I would any other entity, since they have sigils maybe I can gaze into them or petition them or something

You can, but I implore you to make sure you turn inwards during whatever operation you do with them. It will be much for beneficial for you if you view them as your own issues. Working like this will help you work with yourself. I find externalizing yourself like this is easier than going it alone in your own mind.

I thought these were 100% external beings but I hear somewhere they manifest off your own issues so I’d say If you called them to torment someone you’d channel these emotions/issues that they are associated with :thinking:

These are both internal and external. They are born from the collective conscious, which is the force that connects all. But shadows are also born from yourself. These archetypes are both at once. Using them for baneful works isn’t as productive as you can be with them either.

I was using baneful as an example as it seems in the shadownomicon he goes over that they can help with that in ones like the child and such

You’ll largely want to do it as it is written, if you’re going to work through the book. The invocations for each are largely for the initial meeting. You don’t need to do them daily or anything or for each meeting.

But when calling them initially and, perhaps after an absence (as a greeting), I would encourage the use of the invocations. It’s a more formal greeting and sort of sets the role that shadow will play during the work through, regardless.of whether it’s calling the inner shadow, an exterior one, or both (my personal theory).

Iirc, and I may not, you don’t have a lot of evocation experience, so I would do it as-is until you know what you, personally, can leave out or until Legion gives you a different way he wants it done.

In the end, you do you.


Did you create the portal? They come through that. Norse is right, if you’re working this book you should do it as described, which includes a half moon month of consecrating marked candles at a specific time of the moon. You shouldn’t skip the protective stones either.

I don’t think you’ve read this book properly yet, the instructions are very clear.