SHADOW PEOPLE... What are they? hypnagogic hallucinations or real? Or Both?

So, I’ll just start from the beginning with this…

I am somewhat into conspiracy theories, not so much now as I was before… But there was this one place that caught my attention called Skinwalker ranch… (there is a free movie on youtube describing the events… Just type Skinwalker ranch fullmovie… Its all right for a b-rated movie… But I’ll get to the point now…)

I am a curious person by nature and at the time fairly new to remote viewing… Getting to the point now, I sat down, turned off the lights, lit some candles and began view what I seen as the Aerospace facility… Not long into it, I had this strong feeling of a presence in the room where I was sitting… Infact it was soo strong and ominous, I decided to call it a night and just go to bed… (aka I bitched out lol)

That night however, I awoke (I hate cliches but it was about 3:00am, whatever the significance to that is, as it usually is the time it happens…) However, I was paralyzed and out of my body, yet aware of myself laying in bed sleeping… It was as if I was in 2 bodies at once (sleep paralysis?) But anyways. Out of my body I was helping this large Gray alien with this tubular device with dials and a number pad on it… He asked me in my mind if I could help program it, as his fingers were too long and nimble, as if he did not have the coordination… I took it out of his hands and began to program it somehow… I have no idea how I knew how to, but I did…

This gray, stepped back I guess clumsily and I heard a crumpling on the ground that sounded like a plastic bag, (which I could see with my body) I groaned while laying down as that is all I could do, and as you can imagine, this was not the most pleasant experience… The alien then looked at me, took the device and shot me in the head with it, than vanished… Immediately I was sent back into my body… The feeling of this device felt like a wave of static that hit me and worked its way down. It started at the crown of my head as a single point and just enveloped me all the way down to my feet… I was further paralyzed but now stiffer, and my heart rate skyrocketed for about 30seconds and than I could move again… It was one of my most horrific experiences ever… Now this is what ensued after…

Ever since than, however and for a while atleast 3-4 times a week I would awake to these Shadow Beings… They are nothing more than black silhouettes in the contrast of the dark in the background. No facial features, nothing… Most of the time there is one, sometimes 2-3 often they are reaching out for me, or just staring at me… Every time they come I awake out of my sleep paralyzed, unable to move anything but my eyes, and the amount of fear, sense of dread, doom and the feeling of something terrifying is about to happen occurs, yet NOTHING HAPPENS… I am fine, just shaken…

That feeling tho as you can guess is no longer there when you see this soo often… Most of the time now, when it happens I just am paralyzed and I do not see them… But they seem to be inter dimensional? As I have had experiences where in a dream, I am chanting in front of a grave for no known reason the name of a person and I wake up paralyzed with my eyes closed and when I open them I see a face, distorted and eyeless rush across my vision as if it was just a blur… Or I would awake and see these shadow beings walking across the wall and than go from in our reality into my minds eye and back out again to produce some sort of effect in me…

But anyways… What are these things? Has anyone else had similar experiences with these entities? Can they be summoned, if so how?? It would be awesome if Eric made a video about them, so get a conversation started here, with some hits… All that I found online about this things seemed to not exactly fit right as a death has not followed me, and obviously I have not died…

Anyone else up for remote viewing the place? See if you have similar instances…

The attachment to this, is a picture of what they look like EXACTLY…However this picture more that likely is a fake. But this is exactly what they look like, including the misty aura they have around their bodies… Sometimes tho, they have ruby red glowing eyes… And vary from adult to children…


I know this post was a while ago but I just had an experience with a shadow being 2 nights ago and I looked online and couldn’t find much like you said so I looked here. any i just started to get into magic within the last 6 months and tbis was the first definitive experience that I could recall and know it wasn’t just some thing I saw in my peripheral vision which happens constantly.

so anyway i was in bed sleeping i woke up in the middle of the night idk the time didnt check and standing 2 feet from my bed was clearly a 6ft + shadow being that was huge in size. I’m a big guy but thing was big. instant fear overcame me o tried kicking at it frantically which obviously did nothing i tried turning on the light switch that i can reach from my bed and it didnt work.

I flipped the switch and nothing. that has never happened so I got even more freaked out and I looked back at it again and instantly I was asleep again and then woke up obviously freaking out a bit.

it was not a dream i know that much for sure. the weird thing is that from the moment of me falling back asleep I have no memory of. i went straight from freaking out to asleep then waking up again. I’m positive it wasn’t a dream though that much i can say.

if shit like this didn’t happen when im in bed in the middle of the night in a pitch black room then it wouldn’t be as terrifying.

idk if it was an entity that I called during one of my recent evocation or what. I’m still not able to see entitys while evoking so I can’t compare it to anything unfortunately.

if anyone else happens to see this thread and has some answers that would be cool.


I don’t know how to remote view but I’ll share what I learned. The Dine call them yee naaldlooshii. In older times the elders held this ability to attack other tribes. The ability was mostly lost sometime during the great walk, and I don’t fully understand how it happened. The only groups that retain it use ritual blood magik involving a family member, and a spirit animal. They can remotely use the animal in full, and partial manifestations. The idea I got from my friend is when they can use the shadow beings to get you to open a door or window, you’re fucked without protection. There are groups that actually hunt them with spears they carve, I don’t remember the specific wood, from a certain knapped rock in cerimonies. It’s near impossible to get them to talk about it, in general if you say skinwalker, they’ll pretend like you didn’t even say anything. I wouldn’t encourage remote viewing without significant research, they hold the biggest reservation on the four corners for a reason.


Good to know thanks for the info

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The hour the veils are thinnest is around 3am I believe. I can’t remote view and don’t really know about that. I can say it sounds like you were electric shocked, it could be you need to ground your bed or shield yourself from the electronics in your room asap. If it was a being or entity I can only say maybe they knew this would happen and were just there to observe your reactions. So the greys I never had experience with and never have had an alien encounter I’m aware of. If you were remote viewing a facility then stop. They are probably aware of your checking them out and are trying to frighten you into stopping anyway. Just my two cents.

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They can be manifestations of your shadow self.

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I’ve seen Shadow People outdoors in different parts of the country and it was eerie. The first time I was driving through an area of a major Midwestern urban area and saw 2 shadow male figures standing on a corner and then walking down the street. I did a double take because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then in Miami the same thing happened to me near my apartment. It was around midnight and I took my dog for a walk. I was walking on the sidewalk about 1 house down from my house, and I saw a Shadow Person walking towards me and it passed right by me. My dog saw it too. It was the strangest, creepiest thing and I remember that we went back home after that.


Thats crazy I dont think I saw any outside ever but I actually caugfht one on camera.
If I can find it ill post it.
I’ve had many weird paranormal things happen in the last year. I swear I caught film of energy orbs (idk what they are ) on video as well.3 of them in my room on a night that I was freaking out because weird shit was happening.

I have weird pics on my phone that arnt even possible. Just weird shit man I cant even explain some of it, I don’t really talk about it with people bc well you know how people are about the paranormal.

I have incidents of missing time,. I have one night where I took over 100 pictures in a 20 min time frame and have no memory of it whatsoever. Its very fucking weird. theres bright ass lights in my driveway in some of the pics its just freaky it really is. I have one picture Ill post it of me with my eyes different colors. it was one of the nights weird shit was happening

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This is me in like january I think. It was a rough time. I wasnt doing to well overall. It was be4 I even got into the magic stuff.

But look at my eyes!!!
This is one of nights all the weird paranormal shit was happening


that’s wild! That could be the manifestation of a spirit with you.


I really want to know what it is ive always had entitys/spirits around me I just don’t know who/what they are and if their friendlies. I’m gonna post a picture here of the pick i took with my phone and I caught entities on camera. Some people see them some dont

Shadow people suck. I’ve never had a single positive experience with them. Generally they don’t speak in a way that’s comprehensible. I think they’re basically rogue thought forms that either you or someone else has unintentionally created. They also come in forms of some kind of servitors for other dimensional beings used to frighten people. They don’t act very tough when you challenge them. They expect you to fear them but when you don’t they turn and run, in my experience.


So look to the center right side . next to the black is a face and irts hands are holding what looks to be a red vial shapped like a volcano

On the left you can see a tall thin white entity with a long head. Someone said they saw another one as well but I cant see it

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The green red and blue colors should not be in this pic… well none of it should be lol

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It looks like the two are fighting.

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There is a documentary on Hulu about shadow people.

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The weirdest part about this pic is that this is taken outside the door on top of thebalcony outside my room. Before this picture appeared I was taking pictures around my room bc I felt a very strong sense that I wasbeing watched and something was in there. I looked at thie pictures and there was nothing so i put the phone on my bed went downstairs grabbed some food or something came back up . looked at my phone pics about half hour later and this pic was there.

I swear on everything I did not take this pic. nobody else was there to do it either and in order to even get this picture taked I would of had to open the door and go outside to get this picture which I didn’t do!

I know it may sound unbelievable or like Im making it up but its the truth. More and more experiences started pushing me towards magic and well here I am lol

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Damn only have netflix

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I have such a cliche one actually. A couple of years ago before I was into the occult, I was smoking fucked baked high. I went from my friend’s place back to mine and I went true the cemetery. The moment I entered I saw HUNDREDS of Shadow people directly looking at me as I went pass them, it didn’t help that I saw the cemetery stretched as I walked true it. It felt like an enternity but it was only really a minute it took for me to walk true.

Nether the less, it was a wild experience. I have no idea why that happened and why they where so fixated towards me. Where they like? “Wait… He can see us!?”.


that’s wild! I’ve seen some strange things too and it’s good to know that other people experience this too.