Shadow people in lucid dreams

Ok so I’m normally good at desyphering dress but my own well no…I keep having odd dreams like odd scary dreams now and it’s starting to bug me since they come more frequently

In my dream I was being chased by three dogs and I tripped and fell the dogs came at me slowly and I could see a two shadowy figures with white glowing eyes just peering from behind things
And then I got stabbed with something and woke up just to see one of the figures peering at me from out of the wall I screamed well tried to since I had sleep paralysis and crawled over to my fiance and shook him and then ones again I had woken up I ran to my fiance and told him my dream and cried uncontrollably and he comforted me in short and said he had to go I didn’t want him to go but he did and when I turned around I was with ppl I didn’t know and a few names of entities were brought to attention by these people furfur was not brought up but his picture was on the table and fire camp fire I think and last thing I remember was said

These things these demons you mess with are dangerous

To which I replied

Everything is dangerous in life or death people are dangerous animals and plants are dangerous air can be dangerous and so can water
You can lable them bring such way if you have no clue that everything in this world can do harm at anytime

Then I woke up again. To my daughter jumping on my bed…please some one help I have no clue if this is a message or just a strange nightmare any comments will help

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It could be just creepy dream, or it could be parasite you’ve picked up somewhere trying to scare you and/or feed off you. Are you an avid lucid dreamer and have you been to Astral plane? If you dont mind me asking

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I have been there before but not recently since I’m grounded from astral travel I havent been able to achieve success at it in awhile and idk where I’d pick it up from but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did pick one up life has been going to shit lately and I am an avid dreamer lucid or not some times I can pick up whether I’m dreaming or not

If you just wanna be safe, You can always do a LBRP to make sure nothings attached to you or your house. Or you can do a physical clensing of your house with sage and open a window at the front of your house and move from the back of the house to that opened window going room to room. You can chant a bible verse or just demand it leave on your own accord but you have to assert you dominance in your house. If the dream is continuously happening is when you should be more watchful.

It wasn’t doing anything in the dream but watching me it’s weird also remember a par of scissors is what hit me lol

It could of just been a passing spirit that was drawn to the energy cause by your lucid dreaming and it decided to have some fun messing with you.

I see it’s just weird

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This vision sounds like a warning. Being chased by dogs indicates betrayal of some kind in your life. The dogs chasing you in your dreams could represent people who you fully trust and who have been loyal to you but now turn against you, as the dogs are symbols of friendship and loyalty morphing into frightening shadow people. The betrayal might have already happened or it may happen in the future.


I see many ppl have betrayed me so it’s expected to have that happen again

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It happened before? Were shadow people a problem then?

No ppl betraying me