Shadow Man and My dream world

This happened a while back but I was never really sure what it meant, so I was hoping I could get some opinions on it. I have this habit of going under sleep paralysis. Usually after my husband goes to work and its entirely random. At first I couldnt move but I knew what was happening. For a long time, i never saw anything but my room was dark like it was still night outside and my bed room door, which my husband would shut after he left, would be open. I was terrified, not because it was dark, but because i was afraid what my mind would conjure up in the dream.

After it happened a few times I started to notice that i could move my body when my bedroom door would open itself. But i was too scared to go through it and look around. Instead I would take off at dead run and go straight through my living room window. I would appear in a corn field then, but I wasnt scared there.

So one time when this happened I was hiding my face and I suddenly felt myself turn feral, its the only way i know how to describe it. I started growling and snapping like an animal and didnt understand why until i looked up and standing in my door way was a shadow man with glowing green eyes. I felt intruded upon and i lashed out and attacked his leg and then fled out the window.

There was also an incident where a group of women lead by a man surrounded me and proceeded to, uh, touch me all over, which I really didnt seem to mind.

I have more if you would like to know, but I want to know what you all think so far.


Were these experiences lucid dreams,or you had no control on them ?

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Well i was able to control my self to a point. But it was more like my fear was controlling me.

Your visions or trance state are messages and symbols being sent telepathically to your mind, it slows your body down as your mind is being utilized by another entity from beyond the veil.

The message sent uses Corn as a symbol signifies growth, and abundance. To get lost in a corn field represents being lost in the enormity of a situation. You may have lost your purpose, bearings, or original intentions. You might be overwhelmed by possibilities, opportunities, or options.

The dark figure you are attacking is the deity sending the message. The green eyes are an identifying sign of his presence, employing green as his color. His message is don’t fear or attack my message, it is my gift to you, one of prescience.

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I just experienced it again. I was taking a nap on my couch before i had to get ready for my second job. I knew at first I was in sleep paralysis, but i wasnt afraid. It wasnt anything interesting until i went out of lucid dreaming and went back to sleep paralysis.

I couldnt see past my eye lids but I could feel someone’s prescence. So ever since I started looking around on this forum, ive felt a certain pull towards Belial. So I asked in my mind if it was him and I felt a surge of energy go through my body. I could hear myself gasp but it didnt feel like anything sexual, just more of like ‘Yes its me.’ I asked to feel his prescence again and it happened a second time. I wanted to explore more but my phone alarm woke me up. I am so excited! I wont lie to you all I have been having my doubts about all of this, but after this experience I feel nothing but overwhelming joy!