Sexual Vampyrism & Taking Vitality

This is from an email of mine, and I’m receiving spiritual input that I need to come out of some customary seclusion and start sharing more of this stuff, so here goes. This may be disturbing to some people, just remember that no one is forcing you to read in a Vampyrism section on a forum dedicated predominantly to the Left Hand Path! Critique/reality checks/hopefully not-too-awkward questions welcome, I’m just dumping this here for now because I’ve got to run but I will be back to check this thread and answer anything I need to. Cheers!

As a preface, this is written from the perspective of a man and that is all I am qualified to write from the perspective of! These basic concepts can surely be tweaked, though, in fact sexual vampyrism is supposed to be much easier for women because of obvious physical reasons relating to ‘receptivity’. Perhaps the Chinese story of the Yellow Emperor learning vampyric Taoist alchemy from the Dragon Lady would have bearing here. I don’t know lol, although Hekate -certainly- does. Here’s the quoted email:

This is going to sound bizarre, and graphic, I'm not trying to be weird here but this is what has worked, for me at least. This employs the concept of vital energy and sexual energy being very closely intertwined in the human being. Now to get the right kind of returns for your effort, it's important to choose the right energy source. A lot of people are unhealthy and psychically/spiritually dirty to boot, and this can make their vital/sexual energy about as wholesome as the residue on a fast food wrapper in the floorboard of some neckbeard's white van. In my experience, young, fit people who are not incredibly promiscuous have the best-quality energy that can actually make these kinds of marked changes in your own energetic body and corporeal process. So this is going to sound really creepish, keep in mind that these techniques are a predatory way of strengthening yourself and for that reason are strongly condemned by most who even believe in their efficacy. It takes a much more, let's say primal, view of things like consent. Think of it like Ovidius' Metamorphoses.

For all its charge with ‘hunting’ instinct, your prey’s consent is what will give you access to a far greater amount and quality of their energy than otherwise - this is not to say that humans can’t be preyed on against their will, but some kind of powerful defence mechanism seems to crop up, or rather, I speculate that their mental condition when panicked or fighting makes that ‘level’ of their psyche/vital principle harder to ‘connect’ to in order to feed on.

In other words, my experience leads me to believe that seduction is the best way to get at the best quality and quantity of the vital energy that is so closely related to sexual energy. Also, the combination of fear and sexual anticipation at once seems to send not just the body but the entire soul into a high vibrational state that primes the varied bodies for raising up more of the vital/sexual energy from within.

By the euphemism ‘consent’, what I mean is a tacit (consciously or not) complicity of the prey in your energetic vampyrism, the connexion made at the instant of their ‘giving in’ as they offer themselves up in order to feel the fulfillment they long for. This does not have to be blatant (I recommend it not be! that kind of mood-killer would take her out of the liminal mental state necessary for connecting and absorbing energy) - it can be -symbolized- in a way that she still has something seen as ‘hurtful’ to submit to in the interest of pleasure, allowing her guard to be brushed aside and her energy to be taken even as her body is.

Often, this ‘consent’ can be had through rough handling but especially biting during intimacy. If she’s not into this, it’ll be counter-productive as her guard will be up and she’ll be on the defensive (I’m not saying that technique and power may not be able to overcome the “guard” itself, but that by being on her guard she will be out of the mental state that makes her susceptible to connexion and vampyrism). If she is properly seduced, though, and not only wants but needs this intimacy from you, the act of her accepting the pain in order to feel greater pleasure will be the powerful connexion that raises her vital/sexual energy to new heights and opens the gate wide open for you to take this freely.

Now during the act itself you need to maintain control (I’m not going to make this even weirder by getting all super graphic, the techniques are out there and you’ve got a good ten or fifteen years on me anyway!) and bring her to climax without doing so yourself. The whole time attuning yourself to the glow of her energy body within and around her, and the mingling of your auras. If you ever seek out this awareness normally there is this wonderful interplay and exchange between the energy bodies of the people involved. When you are vampyrizing the energy of your prey, though, you should make conscious effort to not allow your energetic extensions to interact with hers or make exchange. If she’s not highly unbalanced, her energy body will unconsciously try even harder to coax yours into sharing the experience on that level, trying to push more and more of her energy to you as if to make up for a deficit. If she’s a decent-minded person, anyway: if you have scruples (and it’s not a bad thing to have scruples or personal ethics, but I at least am having to learn on a primal level that things are arbitrary and only have meaning when chosen) then you are going to have to deal with feeling like a beast because stealing vitality works best on the truly virtuous that you have intentionally seduced. Kind of fucked up, but nature is by human standards.

Keep working her while maintaining your concentration (this isn’t exactly -fulfilling- sex when you are taking vitality, and I wonder if that is actually an inherent trade-off for the absolute awesome experience the giver of life seems to get from this), and as she reaches climax and all of her bodies pulsate and sing with raised energy, drop the ‘guard’ around yours and actually, actively, pull this raised energy of hers into your body, as much as you possibly can. The rush will be intense, but you must maintain complete single-mindedness and not succumb to the climax yourself if you want this energy to be converted to physical vitality. I would say don’t worry about her (well, I’ve never pulled enough energy to hurt a girl through this, as long as you don’t do it more than once every other night or so - believe me, she won’t be up to a rematch any time soon), but honestly you need to be in a state of mind that seriously doesn’t care. I guess I’m a fucked up individual after immersion in this current, but there it is (I do love women, but sometimes you’ve gotta do for you?). As soon as she has finished and you have absorbed all that you can, her energy body will seem to retreat into her physical one and go very quiescent, and she will become extremely tired, more so than most anything mundane can justify. Leave her to rest up and build back her strength, and you will need to go somewhere you feel secure and won’t be disturbed, and sleep as soon as and for as long as you can manage - during this time you will begin to ‘process’ the captured energy and convert it to your physical body’s use.

Well, there you have it. I personally have gotten excellent results from this, which is a summation of what it has taken some time to piece together from lesson and experience. Sorry you asked?


Thanks so much for that. How do people feel about vampirising the other person’s sexual energy and rather than “keeping it onboard” to increase your personal vitality, send it on its way, towards a magickal goal? Would it matter less in this instance, how “clean” that sexual energy might be? I have some preliminary experience in what I just described and it is difficult, because the sort of person I think little enough of to use in this way, connecting with them to the point where I am fully in tune with their energy currents can become rather gross, for want of a better expression. I know the harvesting of their energy has been successful, because they are so completely spent afterwards, far more than normal. I think it is important to perform some kind of cleansing ritual afterwards, if the energy you have used is not entirely “clean”. Thoughts, anybody?

Oh boy, I finally have a bit of time to get back to this! Here goes:

vampirising the other person's sexual energy and rather than "keeping it onboard" to increase your personal vitality, send it on its way, towards a magickal goal
This is more in line with conventional (funny, applying that to this!) sex magick - you can do this on your own, i.e. just one participant concentrating on and directing the energy gathered. But you'll find much more power and efficacy in both partners (I have no experience directing a magickal orgy, I'm not much of a 'sharer' - although I suppose I won't be much of a magitian if I never try) lending their individual Wills to the ritual effort [i]together[/i], which of course is difficult because two very different people have to still maintain considerable unity of mind/will, at least for that ritual.

A kind of compromise, somewhere between those two in both efficacy and difficulty, is for both participants to actually raise energy but only one to take the lead and direct it - which dynamic might actually begin to resemble vampyrism in some ways.

I know that for the longest time I resisted the idea of having anything to do with this current because I viewed it in terms of ‘needing’ to take rather than being sufficient for myself, but now I view it much more in terms of ‘energy’ and ‘power’ - and vampyrism involving just one more set of techniques in the raising, moving, and directing of energy and power.

  1. As to your second point, I have experimented with something similar in vampyrizing from RHP sacraments, holding that if they are going to raise their own energy to feed to their God (or sometimes a more self-serving priest), I may as well harness that energy whether to use for my own ends or if nothing else, just to deprive a paradigm I can consider ‘enemy’ from disposing of its resources in the way it would like to.

For me, based on my UPG, I use the sigilization of the ‘Black Sun’ image connected in my UPG to the ‘Grail’ concept of a hidden/occulted underground using antagonistic spiritualities against themselves. So I use that image of the Black Sun as my ‘filter’, and I suggest you try finding (or making) a similar image that will be simple for you to visualize.

Cleansing rituals, there are a million out there but I must advise that the best one will probably be the one that you make for yourself! Cultivate your instinct, and then go with it.

Of course if you happen to be stumped it’d be a great thing to trawl the forum for, and/or just make a new thread somewhere.

I’m still scrapped for free time and busy with some major projects right now so I’m going to cut this short, but this is just a much less long-winded version of what I would have said anyway!

Best of luck, and thanks for the pleasant comment and good questions on my super-weird thread - call me irresolute, but it took a lot of “courage” for me to share that, even on a more ‘distanced’ medium like this one, so it’s nice to not feel like I’m not that much of a five-legged calf tumbling away through this confusing Abyss of the Left Hand Path. Cheers!

Thank you for this post, I find it very interesting . I recently was under a vampyric sexual attack, though I use the word loosely, because most of what took place was done astrally and once I became aware of what the guy was doing I consented to a mutal feeding situation. At times this is beneficial at other times it is not, his thrill is conquering new prey, mine is more on maintaing a strong balanced energy exchange. In my eyes he isn’t very selective, because I don’t want just any kind of energy.