Sexual spirit

Hey all,i have one hard question,i am aware that i will probably need too find by myself why she doing this.Every night when i lay on bed on side,she is always behind my back,and she never lay in front of me.I feel her body,she like too touch my hair,i kiss with her,but this with my back really make me little uncomfortable.

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It’s possible that’s the intended effect.

You should ask it, and tell it what to do instead.
If you can’t ask it, I suggest you don’t engage like this until you can, it’s not the safest of activities even when you’re not flying blind.

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I forgot too write i cant see her and hear,i only feel.One person scan me,and told me,that i have old man with a beard who protect me,and blonde lady who want me.Problem is she sometimes listen when i dont want something,but often she doing on her own.

That’s not great. Cleanse and banish. If you want spirits around you get specific and invite them personally. No randoms.

There’s no guarantee the scanner saw accurately as lost of randoms pretend to be something they’re not just to get you to let them stay. They’re usually at least partially parasitic, or hungry ghosts, they don’t give you in return what you give them.

Thank you,but i dont feel drained at all.I feel almost real body next to me in bed.She touch me on hands,hair at most time.I feel heat on my face of energy.I feel cold breath on right ear.She make love with me,i know mistake which can cost me a lot,but i cant describe that energy who surround my body.What you think now?

I think it’s not my business. I’ve given you my advice: get rid of it. But it’s your life, do whatever you feel is right.

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