Sexual exitation during a evocation

Today during the evocationn of a demon feel something that i had never felt during a evocación before…the ritual begins to turn me on, i think that was the presence of the demon that do that but i dont know, what do you think dear brother? this happened to someone more?

I would say that it is pretty normal with some kind of spirits as sometimes they feed from your sexual energy. Also this energy is the one that can be easearly used to empire rituals (and some would even go as far as to claim it to be the only kind of energy).

That’s been mentioned before on here, and it seems to be connected to kundalini energy - I’ve had it happen myself.

It is connected to Kundalini? Interesting. I had a huge erection when doing a ritual last night with Lucifer and one of the weirdest dreams afterwards.

Now that I think about it the whole dream was about Kundalini. There is, I know, A Lucifer-Kundalini connection. I was evoking Lucifer in the dream, he showed up, just his face, in the incense smoke, it was blue. The whole room was a bright, fiery, yellow color, like I’ve never seen in real life. I stumble back in the dream and a sword touches the bottom area of my spine and turns into flames. Very interesting.

Thanks for the info guys!

Thank you for starting this post! Now I know that I’m not alone. I often wonder if others also become sexually excited during ritual or evocation but I was too afraid to ask, I’m not embarrassed by it, I just figured people might think I am a nymphomaniac if I keep posting sexual natured questions. But yes, sometimes I get aroused during a working. So far I have discovered that the exercise to draw the darkness into you, excites me the most.

What does one do with this energy?

It depends. I’m not really sure what is happening to cause the aroused feelings. Someone stated the entity was drawing from your sexual energy but if the entity is drawing from it, then why does it make those feelings stronger in you? You would think it would diminish the energy, unless they have to activate it first in order to draw upon it, that would explain why the feelings surface.

You can draw that arousal feeling (since it is ultimately just energy) up into your chest and expel it out of your right hand for charging items, spell working, etc. Usually if you don’t use that energy it keeps building, making your arousal feelings stronger until you have to find a way to “relieve” that built up energy, you know what I mean by that.