Sexual evocation

Found an adult site dedicated to perverts and figured i will give it a try hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

If my memory serves me well. I know that mediating, gazing while chanting at the same time is the basics of summoning a spirit, but lately I’ve been having issues with myself which is that I am not disciplined enough and I think that’s why magic for me isn’t working or though I feel something working but not very effective enough. Even masturbation doesn’t feel as sacred as it used to be.

I would imagine that the same applies if you’re in a group by following the same steps if you were doing it alone. But it doesn’t seem necessary as I remember Aleister Crowley performing a evocation in a documentary I watched.

So would we all need to meditate and gaze while chanting before performing a sexual act of evocation?

No. Meditating simply teaches you focus, and in sexual magick, focus is required to maintain concentration during the sexual act so you don’t lose yourself in the bodily pleasure.

I’m not sure what you mean by a “sexual act of evocation,” though. Generally, invocation is used in sexual magick to bring down a god or goddess into your lover for some divine sex.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of masturbation being referred to as sacred before lol

However, if you want to spiritualize it, try a form of magical chastity. There are two types of magical chastity, according to Jason Newcomb in his book Sexual Sorcery. The first type is ignoring all sexual stimuli and putting your attention fully and completely on the Great Work. The second type, is to reserve any form of sexual act only for ritual. No masturbating to porn, or engaging in sexual behaviour outside of a magical context.

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I meant evoking a demon by having intercourse and thought it sounded better that way lol

I view sex or masturbation as sacred because its used to summon spirits but especially sex as to me that’s when two people fully share themselves together, a union of the opposite sex or same, creating a new human being or a god if you wanted to view it that way. So i guess masturbation is just sharing yourself with yourself lol - but i like to view it as sacred because i would be using it in magical rituals.

Its just how i view it.

Masturbation is just being a bad habit so i would just need to focus my attention else where into the sexual drive dies down. I’ll have a look at that book though.

Thank you very much @DarkestKnight