Sexual Energy

For the past week I’ve been so horny, but it’s like an insane amount. I’m literally getting hard at work haha. I’m a 20 year old guy so I guess my sex drive is high and with me not having a girlfriend I guess it adds to it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me though. I literally look at any girl and just want to hold her and please her. Then other times when they have perfume on,fuck its wraps for me. That triggers something in me too. I think that’s some type of primal trigger. I’m trying to word this the best I can so I don’t seem like a creep or anything lol. I’m in love with the female body. I think it’s beautiful and a masterpiece. I think with all this typing I did I realized I need a girlfriend. It’s just I’ve been horny before, everyone has only this time it’s on such a higher level. I don’t if anyone else has felt this or not.

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Lately have you worked with any entities?

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Welcome to the world of late blooming puberty, or of it’s peaks of residues in your early 20’s. It’s either a curse or a blessing, isn’t it?

Ah, the sweet memories when the dick got hard for nothing. Even a swift breeze could cause an erection, mixed with the dirty mind of wanting to fuck with anyone or anything with less to no effort. Awww, those where the days of traumas. :face_with_head_bandage:


Great!. Just don’t rape anybody, or any animal. That’s all.


Okay thanks for the advice. I wasn’t planning to. :ok_hand:t4:

I’ve been using Lucifer’s sigil as I meditate for the past 2 days now. I’ve also been drawing his sigil on my body and leaving it on there. I’m not sure if that’s him or not. Other than Lucifer, I haven’t tried calling any other being.

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Yeah I think that’s it. I’ve been called a late bloomer for most my life, better now than never haha. It’s both a blessing and a curse.