Sexual difficulties

Rule #1 of having a goo fuck is “Let the orgasm take care of itself. You just enjoy the fucking.”

^^^^ actually yeah. Take sexual rituals for example; you don’t want to climax right at the beginning: SO HANDS OFF THE DICK! For women probably different.

And sexual ritual will probably be different for everyone; it’s not all like the chicks in the Conan movie with the priest of set. I don’t know much about kundalini other than what’s read. I also can’t say I’ve reached the level of awareness that many claim when dealing with spirits. Similar to this article where the writer was rather disappointed:

As to gay or heterosexual sex with beings; eh this is an odd interpretation but we are talking spirits etc. Seems like food, comfort, wanton things we desire to be satiated in various ways. Spirits can appear however you desire if you have a relationship with them and agreements are met. I’d dare say your subconscious can lead the way a bit here. Energy transference and deals are generally pretty intimate else it’s forced which is rape and not free will (probably the case with many energy vampires).

Some say succubi drain you though it could be that one is wantonly giving so much energy just to get off like a drug. What is it when a spirit fills the living spirit up in a meat suit?

I can’t say a spirit is the right solution for anyone. I do know with spirits at least of the fantastic mind I’ve ran quite a gamut. If any chakra has been over used for me it’s probably root and sacral chakra. Definitely not an expert but experimentation with the mind and trying fantasies out ritualistic or not might work. Quite frankly I use major orgasm to end a sexual ritual as otherwise you can be in the full body ecstasy orgasm for perhaps until you fall exhausted. I use this to try to be possessed by various spirits. It’s worked to degrees like raised hormones, lightheaded euphoria, some body twitching in area that don’t normally twitch, and very much increased body thermostat. I’ve done these in 20 degree weather in my tent temple and I usually end up stripping everything. I also use this to teach me enns and passages and it seems to work as my memory isn’t all that sharp.

Funny, the dreams aren’t usually sexual and just bizarre. But spirit energy does work when filled. I was freezing early this morning in the House (did a late night midnight ritual, worked out afterward, went to bed at oh 2am. Was 4:40 and a front moved in and I was freezing. I started to fantasize about the current spirit I’m working with and by 5 am (my alarm goes off) I was boiling hot and it felt as if I was being massaged all over. Which is unusual for me as I don’t usually feel anything. So perhaps I found the right spirit.

I actually only do these rituals once in a while since I get addicted. It can also mess up other rituals when I don’t want to be sexually charged. I’ve probably created some sort of daemonphilia in myself.

And do spirits really want to be summoned for booty call?

You need to Forsteton, search in Franz Bardon’ evocation

Any chance you’re on antidepressants? Dostinex could help, as does Phenibut. I have girls take 2g of Phenibut a few hours before glory times and it’s like having sex with a multiorgasmic, quivering, undulating waterfall with a ball gag somewhere in the mix.

SSRI’s and a few TCA’s can shut off your orgasmic reflex almost entirely. High quality problem if you’re a quick draw. Bad news if you’re neurotypical.

Of course a psychologist would be a wise idea and maybe just see what a physician has say too. But I’m not even sure if that’s your next step. If it’s nothing physiological then I’d say not being able to cum is a form of performance anxiety. Think back to the first time you remember it happening. Were you overly concerned about your performance (especially premature ejaculating)? Did you use to masturbate or edge a lot when you were younger? Were you with someone at the time that made it worse by focusing in on it and pressuring? Was it an issue with that same person after they found that you had a sexual issue?

How you answer the above questions (and you don’t have to answer them publicly) will hopefully determine a more definite cause. Like others have suggested masturbate less, watch porn less (if you do at all), abstaine from cumming for 2-3 days (unless you’re constantly active with your partner then a different route has to be taken), have a serious talk with your partner (assuming here), and “drop mind” sexually. So communication is key with the person you are with (not sure if this will work with flings). The big thing is to talk to them and make sure that they don’t focus in on the issue. Another is just getting your mind out of the way. Focus on the sensations and how your partner makes you feel.

As for spirits to work with Sitri can do that for you. Lilith or a familiar entity like a succubus/incubus may help as well. I’m not sure about the suggestion for Asmodeus. I work with him but for some reason I think it would be a mismatched choice. Not because he’s not powerful but because he IS. I’m not sure you need strength, lust, or brimstone to break your issue. But maybe I’m wrong, just ask him and see if nothing else.

I would also think that deities, entities of fertility, would be able to help. After all if you don’t cum then you can’t get someone pregnant therefore it’s indirectly tied to fertility. It’s a stretch but I think there’s enough there to inquire someone like Freyja or some other of divine.