Sexual difficulties

I have always had trouble having an orgasm while having sex. Using Cialis definitely helps me maintain an erection for the most part, but finishing is a different story. Is there any demon or specific spell that can help with this? (And to be clear, I do not have gay feelings and therefore I am not unknowingly having sex with the wrong gender, etc.) Any thoughts?


If you’re skilled enough, you could evoke an orgasm.

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Or alternatively, place your attention on finishing.

Perhaps a healing entity, like Raphael or Marbas?

Another option is Mak’ta’lahn from the Book of Azazel. He is a master of mechanics and can help you understand the mechanics of the flesh and how to accomplish your goal.

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Or thirdly, evoke lilith as she is the goddess/demoness of sex and pleasure. Or Asmodeus.

I’m handing this to @Aluriel


spice things up maybe that will help to

Certain medications can totally cause the lack of climax , nearly all anti depressants for instance.

The other thing is maybe a fear of getting someone pregnant? It can be most subconscious.

I had a boyfriend in my teens with this issue. It was related to psychological issues with the above.

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This problem I have my self. I NEVER EVER have a orgasm with a women. Just if i fap. And bealive me is fucking anoying. Sometimes i fap 3-4 per day just to get off sexual energy. So I understand you perfect and i still lookinng for a solution. I have a perfect erection event powerfull wen things become let’s say hardcore (I love bdsm and hardcore)…


It sounds like you’d be better served going to a psychologist or doctor. Assuming this is purely a psychological issue, ie you don’t have these problems when masturbating, I’d suggest it’s likely down to a confidence issue of some description.
Of course this is all assuming you’re actually attracted to the lasses you’re sleeping with. If you’re not, then I suggest you find someone who’s less of a munter and see if that solves your problem.

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Do you PMO (Porn Masturbation Orgasm) a lot? This can be a MAJOR factor on maintaining erection/orgasm doing real physical sex with another real human being.

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If i go to a psychologyst probaly i will get out in 5 minutes…I feel very well fake people. And i start play with her/home. So out of discution. Medical im ok i studiu by my self medicinei from long time and i know if something is wrong. And yes is a block somewere. Until then i enjoy my little curse

Yes brother. Maybe is time to hunt maniac girls…fuck…is a nice ideea soon after i finish my work with astral senses i will start doing that.

The ones blessed by madness or the ones who are just really kinky?

I trust think both. But get I have ATRACTION for kinky from long time. Im crazy? Well is better to be crazy that ordinare. In facts on my spare time i read about human mind and staff.

I had that problem too. I realized I was too in my head during sex and not enjoying it enough. Get out of your head and into your body. And cut back on masturbation. I’m not saying you should go full no fap but maybe only do it once a week or every other day.

If you have problems with physically ejaculating then it could be that you may just need to masturbate a little while before sex to let go of that pent up pressure.

If you masturbante too much then it’s the opposite, cut on ejaclating at least 24 hours before sexual intercourse

If we analyze the actual act of sex itself you might need to up the ante a little bit more, add more foreplay try something you’ve been wanting (of course with mutual consent) if you feel like you’re just going through a process while you’re having intercourse them something is not right.

You’re retracting into your mind and you’re not focusing on the momen. Sex itself is a physical primal act, focus on your bodies sensations.

If you’re looking into spirits to help with this i’m sure there has been some suggestions here but Lilith and naamah I would recommend

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LOL, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: One of the best wordplay I have seen recently.

I definitely agree that masturbating too much can be a cause. Another might be the over use of porn desensitizing you to normal sexual experience, if what you normally get off on is really kinky then regular sex might just not be titillating enough.

Something else to consider is that you might be subconsciously fearing premature ejaculation, so afraid of early release that you prevent release entirely.

In generally, cut back on porn and masturbation, use tamer stuff to get off, and just try to enjoy yourself and not worry about anything when you engage.


Hunting maniac girls is stated I just find one and is like hell in matter of sex…

Yes. In my teenage years I was so scared of this
Like hell. Thanks for your opinion. Cheers