Sex with an incubus?

I hear people talk about having sex with a incubus? For those who have done this, what on earth does that even mean? Is it just masterbation with the energy of that entity in the room?

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There is similarities to having sex with a “succubus” or an “incubus”, and masturbation isn’t one of them. In my opinion, and by experience, masturbation is to be avoided as long as possible. It can work as act of invitation to sexual participation, at best.

Mostly, these kind of energies is physical which makes penetrative sex applicable from male and female perspective respectively. That means you feel the penetration physically.

By your example, or thought, just makes the masturbation an uninteractive action. Being passive, and to give in, is where the results happens. These kind of spirits press the button and controls the sexual outcome when they interact with us. They have the control.


Do you see the spirits?

This is the most common questions asked, mostly by experienced magicians to beginners, and I dislike that question. But yes, I’ve seen them several times and in different circumstances than sex - but it happened during sex a few times aswell, in a half awake state - with the use of mirrors, curtains, windows and walls with scrying methods.

I see these kind of questions as irrelevant, because there’s much more to it than just seeing them. Intimacy is about physical interaction between two beings, and that makes physical based energies more relevant than a visual representation. Without the physical representation, the visual aspect becomes “holographic” and “lifeless”, like a masturbationsession with the use of 3D glasses. It’s fun and games, until you realize you don’t get a physical response from it.


i am not so sure if my visitor was incubus or succubus…in the period between 1993 and 2000, during my sleep, there was entity coming to like take control and take my hands and to masturbate, i was asleep and did not realize, it was intense each time and my legs were spread out, open and the entity touching my anal area etc. it was tickles. I feel it was kind of a cosmic sexual action…I never saw the entity. Couple time, the entity penetrated my anal area. I could feel it really going inside of my body. I do remember at Fall season of 1993, an entity came to visit me during my sleep, it has open my mouth and enter a monster size penis in my throat. I choked, and I woke up, since i could not breath. I ordered him or her to leave my home. In the same visitation, they were many black spiders I think around. this was just aweful.


Try to wake up with a Massive spider on your stomach giving birth to hundreds of tiny spiders then tell me how you feel :wink:

My friend and I were talking about this awhile ago he said that one night he was really coked up and an incubos cane to him. He said that he didn’t touch himself at all but he could feel all the sensations just like sex. He said it was the best sex he’s ever had. He said he tried to call it to come back but it only happened once.

on a book of carl nagel,sucubus incubus,whuch are take from a grimoire,u recites 6times for 3nghts,to cum sex,yes its feel very real, but it will let u dry,tired history say paracelsus was kill by one of them,tey can be so faithful to u,but never cheat on them,nit even incubus,nimphfs,genomes,and salamander too,a good book to work whit it is smooth u path or smtng were carl give the call for the elements spirts,no in incubus,but close,u want a serious relationship? go for ,for just ,sex, try smtn like back page,or snapch

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What book is that by Nagel?

It’s called Demonic and Sexual Magick by Carl Nagel

Maybe it’s this:

…or this:

I’m reading the book above, just now, and it seems to be more into the topic of succubus and incubus entities, while the book on the top is dealing with a lot of other topics beyond the interaction with sexual spirits. I would rather recommend the book Sincisibus, rather than Demonic & Sexual Magic. Changing topics to other branches of sex magic, takes away the main focus of the succubus and incubus phenomena.


Thank you!

The first one you mentioned is the one I thought he was talking about.

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NO! I couldn’t even! lol