Sex,& rituals,?

Hi,guys,i have been told,/ train to waite,24 hrs bfre a ritual,the main reason it will give our own to spirits,but anoter author,state,12, hrs is plenty,ya knw ya feel drain of energy,if ya have sex,24, hrs to recover sounds great, i have been doing 13-19 hrs rituals, so do ya get ya 12-24 hrs waite,? I knw its a dark path,and cheating spirits,is not my main thing,

Why not incoporate sex into your ritual work? sex magick is potent.

Yea,i hear about some groups,do a ritual,and soon tey dine have sex,or masturbate,giving the spirts, the ( offering), ya got a point, but if i have sex,and 1 later sex, tat mean is all rght? Diferent sistemas,traditions,but yea ic ya are more expecific in ya stament,be great,im not really unddrstand some ingless,no my idiom,tanks,

You’re asking if you can have sex after performing sex magick? If you’re doing it right I doubt you’d have the energy, you should be physically exhausted in the aftermath. Other than that you should just go about your life as normal and when you feel the need go for it.

Not,i was asking how 2 waite to have sex bfre a ritual? I misread my ? Sorry.i get it,its a personal practice,watever,it works.tanks.

Sexual energy is the most powerful in the world…

I guess I have been sacrificing the blood, lives, and souls of humans when I could have just wanked off in the bathroom…Oh well, I guess that was fun in its own way.

You’re telling me that I ate all of that energy- people’s lifeforce- when I could’ve jacked off and gotten more?

I suppose it was fun while it lasted…

Okay, I see what you mean now. Building up your kundalini beforehand is a good idea. It’ll increase the energy created when you orgasm and increase the potency of your ritual. Abstaining for a week before the ritual would be good…read Demons Of The Flesh by Nikolas Schreck for a good introduction to sex magick.