Sex Magickal Techique

Recently I had a very potent sex Magickal experience, my partner was on top of me during sex. We were incredibly lustful and turned on and aggressive more than normal.

I had Lucifer rouse through my psyche it seems since my merger with him, all it takes is a stream of energy in my psyche.

He told me, focus on a desire and use this amazing field of sexual power to serve the cause for it to come to fruition.

I focused on my root chakra, with visualisation and my will, I pushed two currents into my partners root chakra through the tip of my penis.

As this happens the one current was a pulling force, the second current is a pushing force.
A two way current of sexual raw primal energy was connected to my partners, two way current of sexual power too.

As I did this I could feel her aura vibrate faster and faster, my auric filed merged with her’s too, so both of our auras and sexual current were aligned.

I felt the combination of sexual energy in the auric field, as well as our chest touching causing a bridge of emotional energy.

Kinda force began rising, I visualised and structured a red pyramid above my and hers crown chakra. We began rising in sexual drive and power, I pushed all the energy that we raised into the structure.

I began using heavy breathing during sex, to rouse the prana and sexual force.
To surround the energetic structure to solidified it, as the structure was swarming with a great forces of primal sexual forces.

I began seeing in my mind what I wanted to bring to manifestation, I broke down the vision of my desire into a vibration I began pushing it into the structure.

I kept pushing all my desire into the structure, just as we both orgasmed two bright white lights roused through our spines into the structure and caused a huge shockwave pushing it into the world.

The orgasm was so intense I was ejected out of my body and could see my partner still having sex with me and was rushed back to my body.

This technique brought my desire to Manifestation in three days.
It was quite powerful and a great atmosphere to be in too.




Amazing.I would like to try this as I had a similar experience coming out of my body during an intense sex session with a lady friend of mine.But had no idea what was going on.Please can you advise me on mastering this sex magical technique.Thanks.

Ive only experienced this with one person, im trying to manifest him back

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All the best

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