Sex Magick

I’ve read in some of EA’s book he considers sex magick pretty lame. But I’ve run across a couple authors who say at the point of organsm or ejaculation, an awesome amount of energy emanates into the ritual site. I consider that might be true as some satanic worshippers have orgies for the sake of not only pleasure but power. My question is this: Since I orgasm quite often and hard during sex, does it seem likely I could give power to my rituals? In my own mind, I am not sure I would be able to concentrate on either sex or magick to obtain the required effect. Comments or suggestions are appreciated. And please don’t make a joke of my obvious sexual pleasure -

My problem with this kind of magick is if I am the one “creating the energy” I lose focus and get too caught up in the fun. The groups I have seen that practice usually have a large group of people “raising the energy” and a few magicians directing this energy raised towards the goal.

Well there are many different types of sex magick. The ones we can use in a ritual that are by yourself or with another person symbolizing a union. Then there is the sex magick that is a interplay of the 2 persons body energies. This has more of a internal effect on the organs and other things. This is probably more akin to vampire ism since you can feed off the persons energy especially if they dont know how to cycle it through you back to them it just becomes a one way street for you.

Veronika, orgasms can give power to your rituals. When you are at the climax of an organism, usually people don’t think of anything specific. Try to envision something (an item, person, etc.) you want to manifest. It will allow you to literally manifest something out of nothing. Also, utilizing your ejaculation (fluid) is a good way to “connect” with certain entities.

It can be added to blood for demonic evocations… make sure to wash your hands after this.

Now, I don’t know that I’ve ever said that sex magick is lame. The results that I’ve experienced with sex magick are erratic at best. It’s fun, for sure, and can produce interesting phenomena, but if you’re looking for consistent results every time, I personally haven’t found sex magick to deliver.

However, I’ve also noticed that most people don’t gravitate towards sex magick due to any kind of purported efficacy of the system, not because it’s known to produce great results, but because, of course, it’s SEX magick!

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I also read a book entitled the dark side of the moon in which one has a sacrifice who is placed inside of the triangle and possessed and either you then become possessed or all the possessed person to ’ have their way" with the operator. Now I cant vouch for the validity of this however it is interesting to think about something like that.

So is that what crowley was trying to accomplish with all that? I cant understand being able to concentrate like that but thinking about it, meditating before sex and going into a trance of some sort that could be a powerful experience. I’m going to give it a shot next time. Seems intresting.

Well star child was more about encasing a god inside a human.

my 2 cents on sex magic: look at it as a super fun activity and possibly something neato to do with your partner to maybe spice things up (or solo - what?!). snicker it’s probably not going to be a go to practice for anything truly serious. but, hey… it’s sex. yay!

^^ too funny lol!!!

thanks… i try :slight_smile:

An interesting interview with magician and author, Jason Miller, on the subject of sex magick. He is a former OTO member and has much training in the eastern traditions as well.