Sex Drugs and Demons

Hello everyone!

So… in the past, I have worked with some pantheons that require you to uphold very high moral/purity standards…well, at the very least when you will be engaging in ritual/ceremony…

I was wondering if it is the same with Demons. What are the moral obligations, if any? Is there a sense of right and wrong with Demons?

What about sexual activity and drug use (of any kind from milder like weed to more extreme)? Is it “taboo” so to speak to invoke or evoke the Demons when you have either recently been engaged or are currently engaged in these activities…for example…if you had sex an hour or so ago…would it be said that you shouldn’t do ceremony? Or if you are high, or have recently been high…should you wait before doing ritual/ceremony with Demons for another time?

Thanks folks!

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Have you tried using the forum’s search function in the upper right? There are multiple threads that cover your questions.

The morality and ethics of demons vary as much as they do in humans. Some demons consider drug use a weakness, others don’t care. It’s all relative.


Thanks. I will search it!

I absolutely and quite routinely utilize various psychoactive performance enhancers in my various adventures. I am an “all in, anything worth doing is worth doing to excess…” (Scientifically & Safely of course) kind of mage. Practical Strategic Sorcery & and use of Shamanic plant allies for full sensory immersion journeying. Be advised it is essential, can’t stress enough how essential, to be in total 100% confidence in your ability to control your thoughts…stopping intrusive ones completely and on command, prior to mixing hero doses of aforementioned plant extract allies with intense ritual magick…

I overdid this numerous times and get an experience I can only discribe as a breaking of this illusory reality right down the middle and experiencing the void and what dwells there in a total immersion sort of manner. I was not prepared for the discussion that I had with a very very serious intelligence that felt like the boss of that “timeless place in between” which words cant properly prepare one for. THIS EXPERIENCE IS NOT RECREATIONAL AT ALL…ITS SCARY & SOBERING…There is a very dangerous feeling of walking a line where your self could be irreversibly dissolved at any moment. This tends to occur fast and you will know the place of which I speak by the overwhelming oh shit feeling it produces its you like a freight train. Process with great wisdom. Study the vault of whatever ticket to the big show you intend to utilize, go easy on the dose and always remember everyone’s internal chemistry is different. KNOW YOUR SOURCE, KNOW YOUR BODY, YPU CAN ALWAYS TAKE MORE/ YOU CAN NEVER TAKE LESS… this is sage advice earned the hard way over decades in the trenches as I’m fast approaching the big 40…


Thank you for that insight! I will keep those things in mind and I will be sure to study how it all works. Thank you very much!

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My boyfriend was injected with ketamine so they could put his shoulder back into place after dislocating it. He thought he was dead, he got super tense, he cried about everyone he loved, and said nothing had a shape of it’s own, it was all abstract and noise. It almost completely reversed his solipsism psychosis.

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It is definitely safe to say that demons know when you are intoxicated somehow and when they are angry you will go on one wild ass ride. A lot of them will tell you not to be on them too so you should listen to the whispers in your ear regarding who you call… Lord Pazuzu himself doesn’t seem to care for harder drugs but he loves him some weed. Hates alchohol because most people do not remember their promises.


Yeah, I can’t buy a bottle of wine to give as offerings without drinking the rest of the bottle and the lack of control I have over that has caused me to give up alcohol. If I want to give alcohol as an offering, I buy those little individual bottles instead.

My addictions that I’m breaking free of (I got addicted to Ritalin and Valium from being diagnosed with anxiety and ADHD) are what all the demons I’ve been working with have told me is best for me.

I’m staying on Ambien because it seems to propel my spiritual abilities and I still remember everything, especially my dreams.

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Those I work with seem to really emphasize that I must work on my ability to control myself and this is now being seen through taking things away and living a more minimalist life. I don’t enjoy seeing my boyfriends mom because she loves to spend a lot of money on us, and the materialism keeps me away from my spirituality because the one and only thing that put me forth on this path was the pain and suffering I endured throughout my childhood and my life. Being in situations that aren’t comfortable are what keeps me stable.

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I’ve had a couple of demons vouch for me to others that the only way I can meditate truly properly is if I take my adderol script regularly and as prescribed but I stopped getting it from the doctor… it saves them time and energy having to have that conversation but I have to work harder to keep focus. That’s where the weed comes in. I do drink a lot and when I drink I always give some of it up for anyone who may be around me at the moment. Kinda my way of drinking less and giving them something as well… I do need to try that spell I read about burying a half drank bottle with an old shirt or something around it to see if it will help strengthen my will to not drink as well. It is hard for some people to admit their faults publicly and for that I commend you! Hold strong on your resolve and know that I am using yours to help me as well!

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Yes, If I were to take it as prescribed, that would be fine, but I just can’t. Someone asked me if I ever snorted Ritalin and I hadn’t, so once I tried it, I would make a months supply last two weeks, but now I can only manage two or three DAYS. Which is an insane amount. I’ve wondered, in all seriousness, if I’ll end up dying someday over this dumb shit.

Thank you, that’s once of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. It’s been these last few days that I’ve been public about it, and I try to respond to any drug/alcohol addiction threads I see posted to show my support.

I can’t smoke weed anymore because it sends me straight into psychosis and then I’m unable to do anything but force myself to go to sleep. I used to help me a lot, but now it feels like when I try to smoke that I’ve done the worst thing for my brain EVER.


Hallucinogens have always been okay for me, though. Shrooms is what urged me to delve deeper into magick.

Ambien is prescribed to me for sleep, but it sends me on journeys I wouldn’t have thought much to do. I spent a few days tending to a fire, sitting outside, and then I would do a ritual and sleep outside and it helped me face myself.

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Man the day I tried shrooms was the day I was thrown halfway between worlds again like when I was 3-6 years old. I want to try them again now that I understand what’s going on around me to see if it will help me physically see beings more clearly but no one will let me have any… I think it’s because they all used to party back in the day and had a bad trip. I want to know though for my own personal experimentation. But yea that adhd medication abuse is how I ended up too. That’s why I had to quit taking them.

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I feel like shrooms are the most mellow of the hallucinogens. You did them when you were between three and six years old? Did your mom put them on your pizza? How did that happen? Unless I read that incorrectly.

I feel like I would be fine if I didn’t start snorting them. The ritual of getting it together, chopping it up, crushing it into a fine powder and snorting it… that is where my addiction is. It’s all in the ritual.

Like tonight I went to walmart to get geranium oil for my oil diffuser, and remembered that I just don’t like sangria. I don’t like any sweet wines for that matter. I can have one glass and call it off. I can keep the bottle JUST for offerings and to alter my mind slightly (but not enough to get drunk – barely tipsy)

I feel like it takes a lot more strength for me to only have a glass and leave the rest of it sitting in front of my face yet still saying “no” rather than just cold turkey not having ANY in my house.

I started this journey to FACE my bullshit, not run away from it. If I can look at alcohol and not feel the urge to drink it, that’s better for me.


Lol… yeah I don’t need wild rides like that… thank you

What I had meant was when I was 3-6 I was in between worlds a lot but then we moved to my grandmothers house. 20 years later (age 26) we got some.


Ohhhhhhhhh LMFAO

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I do amphetamine rituals, and part of my rituals is having sexual intercourse, with females and demonesses and goddeses, depends how rituals goes…

sex is “better” when you are sleep deprivied, and your senses are hightened, so ofcourse drugs are ok


That’s very interesting. Thanks…

I guess it really depends on what demons you are working with…

Do you feel like you are addicted to them and so they become a part of the journey…or did you start doing them when you started with these rituals?

no im addictect(to their existence) to spirits of living beings, lifepartners, wifes, sexual partners… we just share with deities and deamonesses every now and then when feels like…

(i mean i only have sex with beings with bodies, so if i wanna have sex with demoness we need loan body to her etc) or sekhmet came to life and in dream to show her body i can have …

when you have all sex you want you cant be addicted.

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