Sex as an offering question

(First off I respect all you powerful women out there, so please take no offense… I was raised by strong women and had no positive male influences… This is a sincere question)

I normally don’t use sex as an offering for a demon. But I wanted to try it., and got the result.

The sex getting is no problem, but I didn’t think it out. So I basically have to excuse myself for a second summon a demon in the bathroom :joy:

The question is about sigil placement, I was thinking about just putting it on my phone screen and just setting it off to the side.

It might be slightly out of view. I obviously don’t want her to see it, but I want the demon to be rewarded properly.

Will just a quick call to the demon, having the sigil on my phone screen off in the distance, and keeping an awareness of the demon suffice?

I also thought about drawing it on the back of my hand, but I can’t easily hide that (I could just say it’s a doodle). I normally keep the offering ceremonial, but in this case it’s gonna be kind of sloppily thrown together.

What do you think?

You don’t need the seal.

Evoke the demon, and make the agreement of the offering before hand.

Then, before the sex begins, simply say in your mind something along the lines of, “Mighty Belial (or whatever demon you made the agreement with) as agreed, i offer the energy to you.”

Then, fuck like a bunny.

Depending on the specific demon the offering is made to, you may feel the spirit ride you, and actually participate in the event.


Perfect, thank you.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

When you make an agreement of offering to a spirit, they are always aware of the intent, so it is enough to simply reach out in your mind to them and let them know when the offering has been given.


This is what I do for my succubus. I dedicate any and all energy raised in her name, then I either masturbate or meet her in my astral temple.

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If you want a sigil involved put it on your body with jagua gel. That’s what I do. It seems like just a tattoo at that point. Goes away in about 2 weeks