Sex Addicts: Can Anyone Help?

Everywhere I go, women – women of all ages and types who all only want one thing – try to seduce me. I don’t go to parties anymore because I always ended up collapsed on the coat-bed from all of the really filthy and debased sexual acts the women at said parties (working alone, in tandem or in groups) forced me to perform.

Frankly, I’m sick of being treated like something between a Sex God and a sex object. I’m not saying that it’s rape, but it’s often very close. Sure; these one dimensional women take me out, buy me dinner and a few top-shelf drinks, but it’s always and only with one purpose – to get a bit of me in bed. Often it involved acts we could only perform in motel showers so we could cleanse ourselves and wash what was left down the grated drain hole. And over and over again I used to fall for it.

Anyway, if anyone could offer any help I’d be deeply gratified as it’s near impossible for me to live anything like a normal life. Women in shops, on the streets, at cafes, indeed everywhere! They never even ask, let alone remember my name. No, it’s just sex; that’s all that matters to these heartless bitches. To them I’m just throbbing, blood-engorged gristle and a set of balls garlanded to a life-support body.

Anyway, sorry to rant but I had to both get this off of my chest (so to speak) and seek help at the same time.

P.s. Sorry.


I recommend you find a banishing ritual and learn it inside and out. Use it at least twice a day, morning and night, to banish all the unwanted attention. Add in the Rose Cross ritual for invisibility so your raw magnetism will be hidden from all, even those actively seeking you. :wink:

Create a servitor and arm it with a really big stick to beat all those horny women away from you.



You bastard!
“I recommend you find a banishing ritual and learn it inside and out.”

I should have also mentioned that I seem to be enveloped in a powerfully strong aura of latent eroticism. I’ve been told that, ‘to know me is to love me - but only for a short time.’ And all I was looking for was an independently wealthy woman with the means to keep me completely satisfied; but every self-centred bitch on whom I’ve laid the ‘let’s get married’ line and given the pre-nuptual agreement always asks, “What’s in it for me?”



I’m sure you could find a willing participant to pass this problem on to. I’ve got a buddy who hasn’t been laid in years. Trade energies with him.

Tag him in


My suggestion or more albiet presumption from scrying into you is seeing a demons sex energy literally surrounding you, blocking your chakras so they dont leak out this energy is also a good idea
Closing down chakras
Blacken your soul to absorb rather then to push out sexual desire

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@Uncle-Al if your willing too you can just pass this energy over to me I dont know if it will properly transfer but it’s worth a shot to give it to me so you have some resemblance of a normal life

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Funny, I’m always striving to manifest exactly that as much as possible in a search for deep connection

Sometimes I lament I’m just a sausage with feet but I know I’m into it

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Damn @Uncle-Al,

It is a blessing and a curse what you are going through. But, I get it. No one wants to feel used and sometimes we want someone who is going to genuinely care for us. But, ya there is some kind of sexiness to you lol :joy: I kid you not. Im reading your post and I’m like hmmm… lol :sob:. I feel ya. I Wouldn’t know how to assist you, but some of the gentlemen who posted have some good feedback.


Oh THERE you are hot stuff, why do you keep running away? Was it the lust spell? Hey I won’t do that again.

PM me your address I made us plans!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :wine_glass::eggplant::smiley:


i wish i had your curse

And here I am with my own Di** in hand being all jealous reading this…

I think I have the opposite of what you have womans run a way from me. I had situation where I could easy get laid. I slept in many places where before bed i would lie down with a woman and watch a movie but nothing happened she would run away only once or twice I got to snuggle that’s it!

I been to clubs and woman they are all over me holding my hand sharing drinks with me but when it comes to exchange phone numbers they would say " uhh next time I will find you, you get my number" :joy: :roll_eyes:

I am 27 years old still a virgin I think I have spirit wife from previous life times and she put this energy on me that if a woman approach she runs for the hills from me. My situation is unexplainable, I once had a woman who told me she fell in love with me and then I told her " wow your the first to tell me that and I am still a virgin"
She could not belive it when she heard that and she just stopped talking to me, I guess she doesnt like fresh meat LMFAO :joy:

Oh did I mention that I am good looking and athletic with muscles and 6 pack abs?

I also did the letter of intent to get a succubus and I think the succubus also ran away from me :joy:

Boooohoooohooo for me… :sob::sob: nobody wants to love me :joy:
Anyway I am not even trying no more it hurt in the beginning it even made me cry.
Now I am just enjoying being all alone and quiet and minding my own business.

Sorry made this about my self and I could not give you advice.


I think its not about the looks bruh its just the confidence and the way you talk
Women like if you are direct with everything more like a man
They want the bad boys xD u cant be the nice guy everyday


What about the succubus? Why isnt she here after letter of intent?
I think this is more than just me being not confident.
This is something on a spiritual level


You said you have a nice body? That’s a weakness for many women. You should date older women. :wink:


Rule 1. To keep a woman. You need to learn to dickmatize the ladies.


Tried that, I always liked older woman somewhere around 30 - 45 years old
Same situation they just walk away from me.


Don’t tell them you are a virgin. No one wants to be responsible for taking your virginity. I wouldn’t and I’m in that age range.


But its fresh meat!!! 1​:sob::sob: :joy::joy::joy:

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They like you when you have the experience


That’s not a curse. It’s a blessing. You just gotta learn to whip those ladies in shape. If they want the sexy you, they have to obey. It’s about training them. YOu can also use some of the demons that deal with attraction/lust to reverse it. Or to only get attention from quality ones.

Wish them ladies treat me like meat. THan i can have choices. =o)