Severing Connections - Past lovers, former friends, relationships gone awry

Hey guys, so I had originally posted this for a guy who had his account banned for being duplicate, but, it’s a good spell and I wanted it to remain accessible to anyone who might need it so @Lady_Eva and I decided it would be better off moved as a new topic. Please disregard the assumption of the targets gender, that was case specific and I don’t feel like editing it.

This works really well to help you get over ex lovers, get rid of former friends who may have spurned you, etc. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Fortunately, knot magic is pretty basic so this spell should be usable by magicians of any skill level. In addition, this is more or less a benign way to sever a connection. The target person won’t typically notice they’ve had this spell done to them. If your target is another magician though, they will likely sense it and may not let you go quite easily.

If that is a concern, use whatever tools you have to amplify your own energy to overpower theirs. For me it’s a rod of a selenite and a lump of moldavite.

Focus, as always, remains the key to success.

Shit you’ll need -

1-2 feet of twine, preferably the rougher-prickly kind.
A white and black candle.
Ability to tie knots.
New Moon * preferred
2 Bowls

1.) Cast your circle, call the spirits to guard your quarters. I normally use pink salt for added oomph. Focus on the black candle first, command it to soak up all the negativity in the room, from yourself, from your mind.

2.) meditate with the black candle in hand. Imagine everything about her and tie a big knot at one end of the twine. Light the black candle.

3.) On the opposite end of the twine, imagine yourself, everything you are, everything you’ve become because of this connection to her. Tie a giant knot in the middle, symbolizing your connection to her, the tie that bound you to her and keeps you bound to her. Now focus on the context of the relationship with her and pour this energy into the central knot. This is all the pain and agony she’s caused by remaining connected to you.

4.) Hold this central knot over the black flame and command:

“This connection has gone sour,
Tied, bound and dower,
I release myself from this bond,
Your control is broken, I shall not be found.”

5.) Burn her side of the twine completely.

“Banished from my life you are,
Wander now, forever far.”

At this point, blow out the black candle.

6.) Hold the white candle and inscribe something meaningful, that will bring you peace. Command this white candle to bring light back into your life. Provide you with a guiding star, to uplift you from your state of despair.

7.) Light the sage and walk the room, command the negativity she’s caused to be gone for good. This grip is now receding. When you feel calmness in the room, you will know you’ve gone far enough, light the white candle and keep the sage burning. Hold your end of the twine over the sage, command it to purify your life.

In a separate bowl, burn your side of the twine off the white candle. Meditate, contemplate, breathe free.

When all this is said and done, toss the ash and the black candle from the knot in the twine and her side of the twine into a dumpster and walk away and don’t look back.

Take the ash from your side of the twine and bring it somewhere deeply meaningful to you and only you, even if you have to travel a bit to get there. Set the ash in the soil and say -

“I command myself to be healed, I will not falter, I will not yield.”

As for the white candle, you can choose to either discard it at this point (which is what I normally do.) I’ve never tried to continue working with the white candle to bring more positive energies in through a waxing moon cycle but I’d imagine it would be quite potent to work off of after using it for this purpose.

Please let me know once one of you guys use this, I’d love to hear your stories as to how it went. You should feel an immediate sensation of catharsis, maybe even a bit sleepy too.

That ought to do the trick but I’m sure some other magicians on here might have some two-cents to put forward.

Thank you!


Very nice, i like that!
I may need to borrow this in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for sharing and may Odin watch your back.


I’m glad to be of assistance!

I look forward to hearing about your results!:grin:

And of course, may the gods watch yours.




I agree.

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This is a great working

A lot of people come to me asking to sever relationships and this will definitely do the trick.

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