SEVERE lack of power in the witchcraft community?

Not trying to offend anyone with this topic but just generally curious to know what your thoughts are about this.

Do you believe that in recent times the witchcraft community has had a lack of power within it? Or in others words, is it as powerful as it used to be?

Over the last year i have witnessesed hundreds and hundreds of people flood into the craft and it seems that a lot of new witches these days just arent going any deeper than the surface. Not saying all of them but definitely a huge majority. What do you think?


Mix bag lot of wiccans and people who do spells a lot i feel get disconnected from reality due in large part by not grounding or giving it a break
Also think lot people dont want the pain of growing beyond themselves or dealing with there internal issue thats where true occult power is realized in my personal opinion

Beneath the surface, this path is hard. We have buried so much trauma and indoctrination most people wont face that.

If anything we are growing in power as we are growing in numbers. It just seems like were less powerful because of all thr new people. The most powerful sorcerors are well beyond this forum and doing their own work. Take e.a for exmaple. He rarely posts here, hes smart enough to do his work without the help of the forums

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trinket tantalisation - they like shiny things.