Several questions about Works Of Darkness

Hi! I am currently reading the book Works Of Darkness by E.A Koetting, and I have some questions.
I am on chapter 4, which talks about rites of consecration, the rite of consecration is said to separate the mundane from the magickal, and the first rite is about the temple.
This brings me to my first question, which is:
“Can I use my room as the temple?” This might be obvious, but it is confusing to me, as I am obviously going to use my room for more than magickal stuff.

Then the book talks about “the rituals of Black Magick require very few implements. Those few, however, are vital to the success of the Works of Darkness.”, these implements are the Athame, the chalice and the altar.

My question is: are those really needed to succeed in the rituals of black magick?
And if they are, what are some good websites that can deliver altars and athames quickly?
(I already got a chalice :smiley:)

Thanks in advance!

These are ways to get your mind into the right space. You don’t need any of it, you can sit on your sofa and go anywhere in the universe to enact your will. What you are trying to do with these techniques is set up triggers for your subconscious to get you easily into the frame of mind that your will has meaning and power to act on the unseen.

  1. Your temple can be your room, the thing to be aware of here is you are bringing energies into a space that you will then sleep in, which gives them access to you when you are not conscious. Depending on what you’re doing, and if you don’t banish very well, this is a good way to engender adverse effects.
    I’d suggest getting very good at banishing and cleansing your spaces and yourself first, be very clear who you are and what your baseline looks like, keep good notes.
    I’d also suggest not using your room and instead creating an astral temple.

  2. the Athame, the chalice and the altar. No you don’t need these to do magick, you don’t need anything at all but trust in your own sovereign being and a lot of learning.
    You do need them to follow THIS specific system of black magick.
    Otherwise you’re doing your own thing inspired by this system - which is actually what I’d recommend, to make the magick your own and learn without fetters.


Thank you for the answers! :smiley:
Doing my own thing would be just as effective?

For now, I think I will try to get good at banishing but that backed me off a little bit, I would like to create an astral temple but I have never astral projected as of now, however, I have bought the soul travel course a little while ago so it shouldn’t be a problem

While it is true that the tools can eventually be dispensed with, it all depends on what system you are following, and in the system described in Works of Darkness, the tools are needed.

Since you are a beginner, I advise you to follow the system as it is laid out. Once you become proficient in it, then you can alter it to suit your personal predilections. “Doing your own thing” will not be nearly as effective when you are just starting out.

Yes, you can.


You can. Either learn a banishing ritual and use it or get used to random nocturnal visitors during your sleep


Okay, thanks for taking the time to reply! :smiley:

I think I’ll go for the banishing ritual :sweat_smile: