Several love spells/ evocations?

Hi, quick question here

What happens when you do several love spells and/or call different entities for the same goal?

Does it make the spell more powerful? (We’re talking about the same spell, just done several times)
Does the energy accumulates?

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I would assume it would be like several aspects working towards one goal seperate yet together. as opposed to one aspect one goal.

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Thought this would be asking people to do a love spell for you hahahhahha :smiley_cat:

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hahaha dont worry, as much as id like to ask for one (Or several) , id rather learn how they work and do them myself


It depends. Sometimes, if it is a layered spell, it will be more powerful. However, if you are just piling one entity on top of the other because you are impatient for results, then you will just make a mess and accomplish nothing. More is not always better, and calling all sorts of spirits for a single love spell can signal your doubt in the magick, thus making your success unlikely.

A layered spell is when each spirit has a job to do that feeds into the overall goal. An example would be calling a spirit to break up your love interest’s current relationship, another spirit to remove any obstacles or defenses she might have blocking your magick, a spirit to generate lust in her towards you, a spirit to manipulate her mind…you get the idea.

Use the forum’s search bar and look up “layered spell.” There is a perfect example of how to use layering in a love spell correctly.


Hello, thanks for answering
and well id like to clear something i refered to 2 different situations

1.- Using a love spell (wich doesnt involve entities) several times

2.- Evoking different entities with the same goal, wichis kinda what you answered.

I’dhave to look more into layered spell thats one thing i didint have in mind haha, thanks for sharing.

But yeah questin 1 is still unclear to me, do you know anything about that?

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Usually, a love spell that does not involve spirits requires repetition. It just depends on what kind of spell one is using. A talisman to make yourself attractive, for example would require periodic monthly charging after its initial creation. A candle spell produces limited effects and so is usually repeated at least once a week until the result manifests. A gris gris bag has to “fed” every so often in order to continue its work. A Spare style sigil is fired once and done,