Seven sons of the Phoenix

Has anyone ever summoned the SEVEN SONS OF THE PHOENIX that EA koetting talked about in the ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis book and video course.

Seven sons of the Phoenix these are entities that exist in the realm of the flames themselfs. their bodies composed of the powers of creation and destruction- ea koetting.

If you summoned the Seven Sons Of the Phoenix what was your experience like.

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Have not, but I have that book from my trip to Utah. Will be doing that initiation. Good luck.

Thanks. Same here

@bfields5 I saw them as flames. 7 of them. Sentient moving flames. Flying through the air.

Perhaps I’ll have to summon Sorath (used incantations from YT video) again. First idea was “seven sons”, but then I decided to say “suns”; and I’m Italian, so the words are more different: “figli”/“soli”. Oh well :grin: