Setting up the Temple for the first time

I’ve called my local pagan shop and had them set aside their last of copal resin and charcoal for me.
I have pen and paper, though I would like to grab some blank journals for notes, diary of workings, and sigils, or whatever - but have enough and separate. My current journal has enough room for jotting down notes for the five elements and sigils, after that its a done book.
My current supplies:
Two wooden swords, from my old ninjitsu class – only diff between the two is one has a white hilt guard, so one will be for left hand, one for right hand; I guess either for the midway.
One hanbo (four foot wooden staff). Will be used for my staff. I have plans to have it be a light-bearing staff by a laser with white light to direct through a mounted quartz crystal. This shall be my side project.
A Godiva hot chocolate tin for the charcoal and copal. Or for any incense burning.
A hand dagger bought at a scottish festival for the dagger.
A LED indigo light flashlight for the wand. I am not sure about this though, my goal is to have one more like a laser pointer to concentrate on a pre-drawn pentagram poster per direction wall, so I can easier visualize after a few times invoking and banishing (if needed).
A small bell as a table gift from a friends recent wedding reception.
A zingermans oval cedar box to store all of my supplies
A 15’ roll of white rope which will be used as the initial circle.

Anything I’m missing besides the eBook at this time?


James Del Fuego

Yeah: toss the wooden swords, the hanbo, and the flashlight.

Make sure your charcoal tin is sitting on something fire-proof, like a ceramic plate. Those coals get very very hot - you don’t want to start your house on fire.

Cool, thanks Poete and Redcircle :slight_smile: