Setting up my permant circle Questions

Hi all,

I was wondering if I can setup the cardinal directions for the arch angels and the demon kings even if I don’t evoke them all?

Meaning if I want to work with Azazel only then I would open his sigil and his gate only? I hope I made sense.



Yes, but you should invoke the Cardinal Directions (aka Four Quarters, Watchtowers, Elements, etc) anyway. Plus, if you’re having issues with Invoking Omnipotence it would be wise to evoke the Demon Kings to get their permission to evoke their subordinates. But normally yes, if you want to contact Azazel, or any other spirit for that matter, you can just call on that spirit.

i dont use any circle any more, its more like a permanent one in my astral temple

I have a semi permanent circle (as in, I can move it but don’t) and I open and close it each time, regardless of who I’m evoking, using entities for the four directions.