Setting Up Communication With Entities (Guide)

Hello everybody,
I have been trying various methods of communicating with entities, Every thing works well for me but the easiest one I have tried is this one.

This method can help anyone with:
- Opening Senses
- Creating communication

I have been using this method for a while and it gives success.
Note- while using this method some scary things may happen.
I have just got a month of experience in occult so this is for beginners as well.
Things required:
- Mirror
- Comfortable place to lay down
- Belief and Patience

We are trying to bring our inner power through mirror. so first you need to gaze your face in the mirror. You have to stay a little far from mirror. Just notice your face and slowly concentrate on your eye. Don’t move your concentration. You will notice your face changing. keep on going until you see your image on the mirror vibrating.

Now you can lay down and try to notice everything in the place closing your eyes. Make your mind calm. Then you need to start taking name of the entity you want to communicate with. Visualize power ball in your mind glowing brighter. If everything went alright you will hear a sharp sound in the ear and that entity will talk with you or touch you or give you some vision.

If the mirror doesn’t work then skip it by meditating as an alternative. And I recommend doing it in a silent and comfortable place.

I have tried it both with and without mirror and both works for me even during day.


My face started changing maybe i was hallucinating. and the image started vibrating is that a good sign?

No hallucination. It’s called the Troxler’s Fading, and that is a common occurrence when scrying on mirrors. The tilt effect of the mirror are a very good sign, which often happens before the spirit appear.

The spirit should appear on either side of your reflection, but sometimes it uses your reflection as a basis of manifestation. This part can be uncomfortable to a beginner, since the spirit is trying to get out of your body to show itself. At least according to my own experiences.

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oh ok

but dont we need black mirror for scrying?

No. You can pretty much scry on anything. Just focus on something and use the same technique as you would scry on a black mirror.

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