Setting up a temple

Fellow travelers,
I have a brief question based on what I’ve read in the “Evoking Eternity” Grimoire:
It’s advised there that the temple be a room, a space that is not being used for anything else. That is part of the preparation practices. Though I have quite a spacious house, I don’t possess a room in it that is not being used for anything. What should I do?
Any thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated.



You could build an astral temple and go there while meditation to speak with the entities you are in contact with. For actual rituals you could go outside, maybe a forest which is near? Or your garden. A altar doesn’t have to be big and can be in a corner you don’t use that much and where strangers don’t go to :slight_smile:

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That sounds awesome, thank you!
I do live in the woods so that would be a great alternative.

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No problem! And yes it is you can build it anywhere and there are no limits to decoration and stuff like that, it’s pretty cool to make every little detail :relaxed:
I personally don’t think you need a temple, of course it is nice to make rituals at the same spot but a whole room is kinda too much, for me at least. I think astral temples are also more personal and private, so I would watch out who you let in because it is as if you let them in to a part of your soul… but this regards probably more humans than spirits :smile:

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Any space available is usually fine. A little corner of your bedroom works. Thats what i do. It has barely enough room for my universal circle but ive had no problens.


Go play in the woods, lol. Forest temples are more fun anyways.

This one is great when weather permits. It can get tricky in the winter and rain, though, depending on what you are doing. Basements are good otherwise, or a spacious closet area.



Right on!

It’s liberating, yes? Especially on a bright night or cooking in the sun during an intense working. It feels like being pulled out of the modern world into a place created just for you to do your magick…which is basically what a temple is, IMO.

Is that the same spot during different seasons? I love the cairns.


My Temple is located in my bedroom. It posses no problem at all, I still sleep like a rock :metal:


Same place, yah. It is my strategic plan. Representing the war of the forces, it allows me to solidify my strategy as a diplomat of angels and demons.


Damn dude, I’m learning so much lmao! I didn’t even know you could build temples in the astrals…then again I’ve only AP for a few aeconds. :joy: