Setting boundaries with a stubborn spirit?

I’ve been having visits from a particular spirit (not naming any names) for the last year or so, and everything is great for the most part. We have a great relationship that has been very relaxed and mutually beneficial.

Everything has been great, but there’s one issue: he keeps playing music very loudly when guests are over.

Here is what happened a few months ago, for an example:
Some friends were over and we were partying it up in the living room and kitchen, having a lovely ol’ time when suddenly we hear loud music playing in the other room. We investigate and find the television and xbox on, youtube is on the screen and a Nickelback music video is playing. We all question who could have done this as no one has been in the back of the house all night and the one girl who really likes Nickelback has been passed out in the bathtub for the last two hours.

Another example: I was coming home from the store with a couple of friends and we returned back to the empty house to find the tv on again and that same Nickelback video was playing at full volume.

Things like this have happened several times and the spirit always plays Nickelback, Slipknot, and Disturbed. One time, a friend of mine was listening to their own music on the tv when it abruptly changed to something by Disturbed. No one in the house at that time listened to any of those bands.

I have tried to talk to the spirit about this on a few occasions, but every time I do the music thing happens MORE frequently, almost like the spirit is personally offended. He respects all of my other boundaries but not this one. I know this is a little petty but it’s starting to irritate my friends as they believe I’m playing a joke on them.

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this? I have friends coming over for dinner tonight and one of them flies into a blind rage upon hearing nu metal and I’m afraid that this may end in disaster.

Thank you in advance!!!

Okay, this is kinda freaking me out.
There is nothing you can do, I’m really sorry.

Jokes aside, you ever asked the spirit why it does this?

Banish them.

If they’re not willing to respect all of your boundaries, then they shouldn’t be there.

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