Setting Apart and Prepping new Property

I have finally settled in to my new property here in Clarksville TN. We have a large building which was clearly used for a small house in the back, it has been allowed to decay abit, and at first I figured it was such a wreck as to advertise to hire a teardown crew and have it hauled off. but one day I went oout and cut back the growth, and upon closer exam inside and out, tearing it down would be a bad thing, so I have begun it rehab. it will work well as my new Temple/Sanctum, and still leave me more than enough room for general storage in the back. I figure the Temple will be nearly 300 sqft when finished.
As I have no idea what has been allowed spiritually to preside on this property. (of all the properties i have ever lived it has a hard to believe ‘spiritual emptiness’) I have decided to really “Mark my Territory” and even at some point “Raise my Banner”, but tonight, as part of my cleaning building out and stripping out all which needs replacing, i went in an performed a “Setting Apart, Cleansing, and Spiritual Saturation” ritual which I pretty much just said whatever came to me. As I am still under an extended Pact working with Belial, who quite disobeyed me and saw that i got planted here, it was He who I envoked and summoned to see the work down. What I did was pretty simple;
I lit 3 tealite candles set them in a triangle
lit 3 charcoals and set them in a triangle
all the time chanting Belials Enn and summoning and commanding Him and all of his Legions and workers to fill and saturate the building, drive out any and all spirits and entities which will not subject themselves to Our Dominion; and to fortify and dedicate and Sanctify the building as the Head Heart, Brains, Mind and Spiritual fountain for the rest of the property to a degree even tangible to any who come near or enter it.( the road behind our house is a paved street and sits 2 feet off the back of the building-enjoy neighbors!!).
And then placed good loads of Copal resin upon the coals- and after some parting instructing and Enn chanting, left it all to burn and let my Pact Partners do their work.

My next major action is going to be setting 'Terminus Stones" at each corner of the property. As it is a perfect rectangle, I have decided to erect one stone with the sigil of each Crossroads Demon on each side facing out and in.
My intent is to have this property be something it has never been before. Someplace where anyone driving or walking by is going to feel as if they are passing through a niagra of Power and Force, both Safety and threat depending on the inclination of the person.

Haven’t read anything on how to set apart the whole property- though I have done so with my lost acreage while under the former religious ethic I ‘graduated from’. So I will be using ritual salt, wine, oil, and incense in a swingy incense thingy; on a full moon, in my robe- whoever sees- fine with me.

So that is where I am with that.

Also excited that in this town are 2 Masonic lodges, which are very busy; so no more of that loser missouri crap.

There is no “occult bookstore” here which has me thinking.

So far have not met any or heard of any occult groups here, but on the day I got here some young soldier complimented my “Awesome protection suit” aka, my pentagram/Baphomet necklace.

i am also finding this area, amazingly ‘bright’ ‘happy’ ‘fruitful’. I have not needed my peroxitine like i used to. I feel free and full of force without restraints and tar thick darkness trying to tsunami over me.
My plaque psoriasis is almost completely cleared up without needing the daily plastering of creme and ointment; and my afib, though still there, not as intense as it was. now if we can get the medical issues for my wife working like I demand- we should be doing gold pavement in short order!
Though I am crazy overextended financially- it appears a small thing which is not only correctable, but will prove a solid steppingstone and cornerstone to good building in the years to come. The house is a miniscule 900ft, unlike the 2000 i left, but- stepping stones need not be big, nor do launchpads!

Excellant present, amazing future!