Set & Seth Different Beings?

They were trying to pimp living beings under godess names like nepthys andf hathor, athena etc…

gay disclipines were trying to take over everything

they created these “cars” to 2nd world,(5th and 6th dimension entites, trying to create soulgroups or groupsouls, whatever.) tried to take over some large names like beyonce and rihanna, and use them as sex toys, and entertaiment, real godsouls were always alive on ether and they waited for judgement which lead to war which we are now experience.

creator laws and laws of singularity were harshly broken, and federal agencies have offended dead and death very harsly with their surveilance.


Set and Seth are different beings and conciousnesses, and their spelling sound very same and abused by the powers that be

Set is onldschool judge of heavens court, Seth is mongrel…

i would not rather even try to take part of this sect and focus on gaining something out of this life so you are not send to some other planet, or captured by negative density beingds after your death, you know if you are called to join the war.

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Actually Set and Seth are the same, Seth is just a spelling based off the way his name comes out as Sth in Egypt, that’s literally all it is to his name.


again you jump on topic that is way overy your understanding and conciousness undermining my actual teachings with quotes from wikipedia.

put this on your thoughttank, if your kind uses such, that there might be actual sect of divines that doesnt have time or will to work with everyone on this planet since they are singular , thet kind of pick their students by hand on the human population, if you dont get picked by their circle, you never know they existed

then there is this irrational sect of demigods or ex students and leftover breed that does everything in their power to mimick and impost as their ex master/owner to cause casual beings and current studentds to commit same sins and mistakes they were once doing so they would lose their respect in eyes of divines.

you are 100% ignorant on everything you say against me or are conciously working for negative entities, im not here for you, learn to skip my posts,

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Not really, it has nothing to do with my understanding it’s more to do with you trying to completely undermine Egyptian language by putting your delusional garbage into it.

In ancient egypt Set is literally pronounced Sth so Seth came to be. Excuse me it’s not my fault you don’t know how to use google to research how his name was translated and why Seth is part of his name.

It’s not ignorance it’s not being a gullible fool and calling you out on your bullshit everytime you post your stupid shit.

You literally also just tried to throw homosexuality into something that has nothing to do with this, so I’m sorry but your psuedo-knowledge is better kept in your head.


In ancient egypt Set is literally pronounced S th so Seth came to be

get me proof of this without wikipedia or from source not controlled by the powers that be

You literally also just tried to throw homosexuality into something that has nothing to do with this,

Im sorry i dont get this im pretty sure i know when i hate or talk about sexuality in any way.

Your mind is far gone but I doubt it’s far gone enough to where you cannot use google. Maybe you should take a break from magick or whatever it is you do that you believe is magick because it’s clearly having an adverse affect on your mind.

“Controlled by the powers that be” sounds more like an excuse as to why you rather make up information rather than research what is readily avaliable.

Never did I say you said anything hateful, I said you spoke garbage which so far has not been wrong.

Start researching translations of hieroglyphic names into english.



you are talking about sth-animal not elohim-set, i am sorry but you are wrong with your gnosis and are detrailing conversation where were asked about crimes of elohim-set to personal slurs, im not intrested talking with you i was giving terminology to understand crimes set and his pantheon were commiting.

When i talk about set i mean demiurge-set-elohim from 9th-dimension

ONE MORE THING TO ALL WIKIPEDIA USERS, if you want to practice occult, and spirituality, do not ever think that it would be possible to refrain beings to eachothers from other culture to eachothers, like for example jesus-horus, typhon-aphophis etc… these are gullible tries to try to connect things that just are not there…

study pacting and laws of reincarnation to understand better what it is to incarnate as original god with ex-divine status infront of system god.

I think you’re overthinking what you are and pushing it onto actual Gods, I’m talking about Set/Seth/Sutekh, all the same individual not your psuedo magick concept of Set.

But I’ll stop derailing now, just wanted to give my 2 cents on it as if someone can’t understand the egyptian language around the name Set/Seth they should stop trying to spread their bs.

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I was just about to ask for this thread to be locked.

Idk why he is infatuated with all of my Set posts. And wasnt before I left and came back with my new account. How much stuff have I in the past posted about set under my old accout. And its just my Set posts that he leeches on to. Which also makes me concerned that he is not stable or has some weird fixation on a specific god. Which again I come back to to the fear factor.
I can post anything all I want but the minute I post about Set hes like fly on poop.

Its a very odd obessession. For someone who claims to have killed him. If I have killed someone I’m done with them … A god or otherwise. I’m not gonna stalk every post someone makes about them. Its done its out of sight out of mind. So why the leeching onto my posts of Set. Someone is scared that they are about to have to pay the piper.


Ok that’s good to know… I actually do like the “mongrel”/ the animal aspect. Never been a fan of elohim-judge types or the concept of elohim in general though; I dont use them at all in my craft and have chosen to simply ignore the concept altogether. It’s all so convoluted and the information available is tainted anyway. Luckily I’m in a cosmic position that let’s me ignore heaven-hell-judge-types for most things anyway.
Either way I could get down with war though; that wouldn’t be an issue. My teeth thirst for flesh.

@Lady_Eva can you please lock this thread.

It just gets more sci fi by the minute.


Yes i do reckon why people evades this kind of concepts…

but occult requires order…

what do you think you were actually offered when they offered you “set” ?

I moved it, @Kra formal warning:

  • do NOT derail people’s Journals or threads any further, start your own, you seem to be very rude to others so please just share your stuff in its own space and lay off anything that could result in me having to ban you, please.

It’s fine to have unusual gnoses, many of us do, not so fgine to go round jumping on opther people with it. Let your ideas be expressed as well and clearly as possible, then let people make their own minds up, bickering is just childish and tedious.

If you have the mental competence to handle unusual revelations, you need to also develop the tact and self-control to use & disclose that knowledge appropriately.

Thanks! :+1:


Well there’s Set the Egyptian god and Seth the third son of Adam and Eve so those 2 are separate beings for sure as to other Set v Seth as different or same… I’m not even going to try

For all I know, if I looked deep enough I into it could encounter all sorts of different Set and Seth brings (maybe even a dentist or two).

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