Set: Origins of The Egyptian God of Darkness {Occult Adult Fiction}

Arabian Desert, Egypt

With no one around, A sandstorm arises sparked by lightning licking the ground from Black Clouds above.
The earth quakes and the storm intensifies under the power of the lightning.

Out of the Sand, a tall Dark figure with long hair forms and steps foot on the Earth. It is none other than the God of Darkness Set.

Attached to his braids are the Sebau fiends, his legions, the cutters. They dance around Sets feet singing his praises and glory.

Flashback to the present
The vision suddenly leaves the mind of a Young Egyptian Boy as he puts away his candles and comes out of Meditation.

He was just meditating on his Godform. Something he knew little about, but was told would help him on his way to Godhood.

And that was what he wanted:

See, Majar Al-wan came from a poor family. He was 13 yrs old. He was forced into exile by the enemy tribes of Israel, after they had run them out of their city for worshipping other Gods.

He was saddened and filled with hate at the fact that his home was demolished, his parents killed, and all he knew and loved destroyed by fanatical tribes envious of the Wealth they had.

But strangely enough, he found a home among the desert sands. At night, entities would circle around him howling and laughing, giving him visions of this thing called “Godhood”.

It continued for 13 months that culminated on a fateful night in the Arabian Desert.

The Caravan
He was attached to a slave Caravan to be brought to a Israeli King to be his servant in the construction of a Temple. This King was said to have bound 72 Demonic Beings to vessels and that they were the cause of his Wisdom and Riches.

The young boy revolted at the prospect of working for the enemy and escaped from the Caravan, fleeing Into the night.

When news reached of his escape, guards were sent after him. They located him In the middle of the Western desert near the Great Pyramids 6 hours later where they stabbed him to death.

As the guards were walking away, the Earth trembled…

They saw a evil, but blinding Light flash before them and a Tall figure rise out of the boys body into the Air.

This figure gained more and more mass and slowly walked towards the men.
He had a Scepter in his hand and smashed the head of the first Guard in half, to a bloody pulp.

The second guard ran for his life. He was almost free until the Dark God spoke in a incomprehensible language that seemed to come from everywhere at once.
At hearing the sound, the guards body exploded into pieces.
The Dark Figure looked at his former flesh and laughed, then evaporated into the night sky.

The God caged within had risen.



oh dude thats so fucking amazing connects with me too it resonates me
i am that place too young,and poor,from a family who worships false gods
i seek godhood

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i gotta say man
you are fucking amazing at writing these
i read and see the scenes in my mind like a movie playing as i read
and i fucking feel man
its amazing
become an author i would love to read a book like that!


Thanks man
They will only get better and bette
More controversial, but better :joy:

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Thanks for tagging me :blush:

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I was expecting something completely different.