Servitors: naming/not naming, giving a form/not giving a form, etc

Among the many informations I am reading about servitors, some authors say it is better not giving a name to your servitor, nor creating nor imagining a precise and concrete form for him in order not to give him excesive power. Other people have a different opinion and advise to create a name, and imagine an exact form. What is your opinion according not only theory but your experience? Thank you

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It’s fine to name it, the not naming it is if you plan to have it short term rather than long term, giving it a form doesn’t give it too much power, it will always be tethered to you because it’s a servitor. The thoughtform servitors exist because you give them attention, without your attention they will cease to exist.

A construct servitor cannot disobey, it can be programmed with a self destruct command, besides it has no real free will besides what you give it.


Simply put if you want your servitor to function at its full potential then giving it a name and proper form is the best way to go. I’ll assume your keeping your servitor long term, if this is the cast don’t hesitant to give your servitor the tools it needs to succeed.

Some folks will tell you its best to restrict the power of the servitor, base on experience, a properly programmed servitor with a multiple security precautions won’t cause the creator any trouble, especially if the creator is experience in creating servitors.

Experience plays a part in this as well, usually inexperience practitioners make mistakes in programming the security features in a servitor. Good thing a lot of the modern books on servitor creations teach the safe way in creating servitors.

Last point, there is a theory that if you pull attention from your servitor and let it lose energy then eventually it will fade away. Please note this is not always the case especially for Advance Servitors. You can program your servitor to recharge itself of energy using an energy source outside of yourself, this allows the servitor an energy source to recharge while allowing you more freedom as servitor will not require energy or attention from you. I have various servitors who are link to elemental or planetary energy sources, they don’t need me to maintain or manage at all due to an easy access energy source. My servitors are permanent, you may have a different direction you want to go, but at least you know.

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In my experience you should name it , but it would be best to work with a spirit to help you with these operations , that’s my experience , doing it without help is very difficult

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Helpful advice that I realised is when you are programming your servitor include “You care about me and my wellbeing.” This will make them more so a part of your family, on top of the more obvious programming like “You are loyal to me.”, “You cannot harm me or allies of me.” etc.