Servitors experiences and questions

I’m really interested in thoughtforms magics,I’ve a lot of questions for you;
1.I have a servitor with a specific purpose, who need knowledge to operate in his field,do I only need to consider that he know what to do?
Because I’ve created a servitor who navigates through the “akashic records” and has the ability to draw specific knowledge that i demand,and then to share it to the others servitors who need this knowledge.
I made this because i thought that as the time goes by,the servitor would be powerful enough to bring me knowledge, to kill two birds with one stone.
I think it isn’t necessary and would complicate more the system.
What is your thoughts?
2.Can I change the servitor to do something else completely different from his initial purpose ? Because sometimes I don’t wanna lose all the energy that I’ve concentrated in a servitor, can I transmute this energy?

3.Do servitors can cooperates or interact between them,is it recommended?
3.How do I know how many servitors I have, consciously and unconsciously in my hands? Is pendulum is a good way to obtain information about our servitors?

My test:
-Here i live, it’s hot,I asked my servitor the reduce by 5° the temperature of the room where is located a specific object that I own,tbh I expected him to draw the ernergy of the room as ghost and spirit does to get a cold effect.
I’m surprised to see that the weather became grey and it rained since 3-4 days (in a radius of ~3km wich is more strange) and I wasn’t bothered by the temperature since;
, no I don’t have a personnal air conditioner servitor,but it’s cool though and somewhere it’s better like that.
I still remain logic but the probability here is quite low to happen in a “natural” way.

-I asked my servitor to increase by 10% each day,the vibration (in bovis) of my physical body,I was around 16-17k the first day, I should be a 45k if it’s as easy as I think (I’m sure I’m wrong but I try anyway).
I asked my pendulum but the results are influenced by my thoughts and I can’t obtain an objective value.
If one of you is experienced in bovis vibration and you have suggestions or opinions, I take

What I’ve learned this week:
As said in another post, it seems easier to manipulate large scale information, such as large community,trafic and even weather.
That’s probably the reason why my servitor “influenced the local weather” instead of operating in the piece itself, maybe it’s more accessible for him.
And I thought the inverse.