Servitor using a celebrity as their image?

So I’m seeing a few people say that you can give your servitor the image of a celebrity of choice and programme it to take on the traits or abilities of that individual…

This being said.

I was wondering if I could create a servitor with the appearance of a prominent rapper I have in mind and task it with picking up on their talents and abilities and transferring that information in to my subconscious so I begin to mimic their cadence, flow, melodies, abilities basically.

Is this at all possible?

I’ll have a kill switch if course so things don’t get out of hand but I just wanted to know if it’s feasible.

Could I tell it to attach to them and learn from them?

I’ll have a sigil for it and a enn so whenever I want to call it forth I can.

For example just before I start making a song I’ll summon it and tell it to flood my mind with this persons abilities.

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Yes, it’s possible. However, one thing to keep in mind is that, if you tailor a servitor after a celebrity, then it will take on all of their characteristics, even the hidden ones that are kept out of their public persona. You will get the good and the bad.

For example, if you wanted your servitor to have the talent of Vincent Van Goh, you will not only get his ability to paint, but also his mental illness as well because that was integral to his artistic genius.

This is why some authors, like Damon Brand and John Kreiter, generally warn against making servitors in the images of real people. People are complex, and what you see is rarely what you get.



Okay I think I have a solution but please feel free to correct me, this is just my two cents.

What if I programme it to learn all of this persons talents and abilities but only flood me with this persons persona and talent when I summon it :flushed:

For example for it to influence me with this individuals talent I’ll have to chant it’s enn while gazing at its sigil.

And once I’m done making music I’ll have a dismissal word so it can go back to studying this person and leave.

It’ll only flood me with talent when I wish it too.

This way I minimise the time spent with this servitor in and around me so it doesn’t influence my subconscious over a long period of time.


That could be effective for minimizing any negative personality traits.


To add to the above, imop if a celebrity has a trait you wish to imbue in the servitor, there is really no need to entangle the energy from a flawed source with the servitor, which is what happens if you tell it take that likeness- as mentioned above.

All you have to do to do this right, is figure out what the traits are the celebrity has that you want the servitor to have, then give them that without making them take it directly from a possibly flawed source.

The other thing is about their image. If you make them in the exact likeness of a celebrity you may end up summoning the celebrities higherself, guardians, setting off their alarms or inadvertently remote influencing them by think you are talking to a servitor when you got the shade of the celebrity you chose by mistake.

Edit: I also think you can do it with really clear intent, but that you should probably practice a bit first and get the hang of it so that you can be sure you know how to intend it for the right result.


This can explain a lot of issues I have with some of my servitors. One of my servitors refuses to even look like the celebrity that she is supposed to when she shows up in my lucid dreams. She is just supposed to look like her and be similar to the character she played in an infamous tv show, not be the actress that plays that character.