Servitor + Ritual for revenge

I’m mad at someone who thought I was his free bitch. It happened few months ago but still get stuck with idea of having my revenge.
I was more calm then because I had other stuffs in mind, even if i keep this idea in mind , but since yesterday Im once again mad at him.
The thing is that at first I was planning to grow a servitor to tease him everyday and make his life miserable but I read Demons of Wrath and I’m wondering: what is the best ? Or can i do both the ritual and the servitor? I fear they infer in each other job.
Plus the book say to use this ritual only if I feel deep anger and I know it’s gonna leave me as I have lots of things to do.

Some advice ?
Thank you :hugs:


hecate. is good for curses aslo hecate hates nasty thoughts and feelings torwards women.


Perfect I keep that in mind !! :+1:

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