Servitor question

So I was told by many the more that you or even others work with your servitor, the more powerful it becomes.

I was told that “after years and years of feeding it power it gets deity status” making it sound like a video game :joy: but I heard that as well so idk if either of these claims are true

What do you guys think about these two claims😊 ty!.


servitors can become more powerful by multiple means, and this is just one of them. deifying one can be achieved, but can be exhausting. some people believe deities are just spirits that gained power through prayer/belief, others believe any spirit an become deified if given enough power in other ways, and even then that partly depends on what you believe the difference between deity and spirit to be. and to be fair a lot of things, especially about magic, can sound like a video game if you put it a certain way, “i gained enough experience so I can finally use clairsenses” etc.

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Once there was a user called Micah (if I recall well), he used to talk not just to spirits but also characters we suggested him
A particular note that hit me was that imaginary characters really believed in what they were and in the place they come from
I think that at some point, many spirits we talk to have a common matrix
We create them
I do not talk about all the spirits, I can’t quantify how many for the simple fact that is hard to tell if someone Is “real” or not
There are not such Blade Runner type summoners, luckly I’d say

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That’s true—especially after thousands of years—but a new servitor or egregore can quickly gain power and momentum with daily devotion.

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