Servitor Question:

So i bought a servitor and now i want to customise the servitor. how can i do that? i heard some one say energy manipulation. how can i manipulate engery out side my body? i can move energy in my body tho.

How do u mean customize ?

modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task

i want to add a few skills/task to the servitor. but i dont know how.

Depends since you bought it you might not be able to, you can customize ones you’ve made but most of the time ones you buy have programming to stop it from being altered by others but the one who made it.

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Tasks can be added as u require . When u say u bought a servitor I presume it already comes with a set of skills on its engine and that u probably cannot change.

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Yeah the servitors has already skills i just want to add two extra skills. the person said the servitor can be customized. but i dont know how to do that my self.

So i was thinking can i summon a Demon and ask if him if he can add those two extra skills?

What kind of servitor is it? construct servitor or thoughtform servitor? the former yes you can evoke an entity to help, if it’s the latter than some “thoughtwork” can do just fine.



Will u be willing to share where did u get buy it from ? Pm me if so .

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