Servitor Project: An actual D&D-style “mage hand” servitor!

Title says it all. I’ve actually been making a “Mage Hand” thought form.

So far it seems to be working pretty well, and getting more powerful even though it’s only been less than two days.

For those who don’t know, in the Dungeons ad Dragons role playing game “Mage Hand” is a powerful utility spell that takes the form of “a spectral hand”. Players generally use this spell to move objects around remotely (similar to telekinesis in some ways, but hand-sized) and Arcane Tricksters can use it to steal stuff.

So “a spectral hand” got me to thinking, does this not sound exactly like the thought forms real life magicians make all so often?

It boggled my mind when I searched the BALG forum for anything related to “mage hand thought forms” and came up dry.

“If you want something done, do it yourself”.

Anyway so I dug up my old crib notes from a John Keiter servitor article I read years ago and got cracking.

Did a drawing, listed it’s powers, gave it a name, made the sigil logo etc.

Then I charged it. I was initially aiming to do this for only 15 minutes but I went for a full half hour of charging. By the end of it, I was convinced it was there.

I then deviated a bit from John Kreiter’s method of charging for 3 days in a row and instead I have instructed it to feed on light like sunlight and lightbulbs to grow stronger.

Last night I did a test of it’s powers so far.

I commanded it to push at this cardboard box I had placed on a chair. I demonstrated by gesturing with my own hands (but not actually touching the box).

A moment or two after I had finished gesturing and commanding I heard a sound that sounded like it had tapped the cardboard box with one of its fingers! Not exactly what I had hoped for, but hey that was still awesome for the first day.

It still needs more power, so I’ve instructed it to feed off sunlight til after sunset and then return to me.

I also can feel it put a faint amount of weight on my palm when I instruct it to place two of its fingers on my hand.

This is awesome, and I’ll keep this updated as things progress further.

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That’s awesome, what the duration per caster level?

Only kidding, but I look forward to hearing updates on it.



So long story short, it seems my “mage hand” servitor deserted me for some reason. Became less and less apparent that it was working for me over time.

New way I’m coming up with on my own:

Instead of a lengthy charging time to build a servitor that might desert or disobey, instead what I’ve come up with is more akin to a “sudden swooping hand”. Eg. less like D&D and more like the Thief move from Pokemon.

This idea came to me due to my psychokinetic spoon bending practice. Basically the idea is to manifest a short-lived “psi hand” (instead of a “psi ball”) and then send it flying at a target to grab whatever I want it to grab.

This whole process is designed to be much faster than a servitor.

Here’s “Rayne’s Thief Hand Technique”

  1. Close your eyes and visualize a wall of energy in front of you. Let it be whatever color comes to mind first (green for me).

  2. Visualize the wall of energy condensing into a smaller but power packed hand made of energy floating just above your actual hand.

  3. Quickly throw the energy hand at whatever you want to throw it at.

  4. Practice to get better and faster.

I’ll keep things updated.

  • Rayne

Watching your thread, keep posted! :+1:

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So, there’s a spectral hand on the loose, that has no master, and feeds on sunlight to become stronger? Did I mention that it’s summer in the U.S.?

Lol, kidding. Loved the article


Bro, if that Spectral Hand learns Tickle, we’re fucked.



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