Servitor ideas to scare the sh*t out of normies?


Hi, I’ve seen some really good servitor ideas from you guys before, so I’ve come to you guys to ask about ideas for servitors that scare a normie’s pants off? I’d like them not to be harmful; the worst I’d accept for what it would do is scratch or push someone, something like that.

Here’s one idea I’ve got-have a servitor make scary noises, like screaming or loud and noticeable unintelligible whispers. I’ve practiced with visualizing servitors or tactile visualization, but how would I go about having them make sounds that are audible enough for a normie to hear and enough to scare someone?

What are some ideas you’ve got, preferably easy/simple ideas but I’m open to any ideas for this category.


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I recommend that you create a sevitor that is simply a floating ball of malevolence. Red eyes scares them pretty bad. Have it knock things over and flip lights on and off,

An easier idea is to open a ouija board, invite “Everything” to come through, and toss it under the victims house.


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Those both sound like a good idea. I have an Ouija board, so should I open it and announce out loud, “please anyone and everyone, come talk to me?” or even try taunting them by saying “if there is anything in here and not talking, you’re a pussy/coward?”


Not a bad idea. Be creative.


I haven’t done anything quite like this, but if you’re looking to have some fun with normies have you considered doing something with them that isn’t too spooky, but just kinda strange? I feel like a trickster-type entity would be more than happy to do weird stuff to people. It doesn’t have to be harmful either, just plain odd would be pretty entertaining. Could also find out if anyone in the group has magickal potential too if they manage to realize what’s going on, that’d be interesting.


If you do create a servitor to scare people, let it feed of the fear of its victims. It may grow extremely strong with this, so you may want to have it harvest fear energy and consume a small percentage to sustain itself. The excess energy you can absorb and tansmute accordingly.


You know You can always try putting a mask on and scare them from behind. It used to work also. :confused:


Create something that grabs their attention and is always running fast running by out of the corner of their eye site. Make it a little kid like off pet cemetary.