.:.Servitor draining network -Project: "Jormungand V"

A idea that just came to my mind.

The whole operation is supposed to be based on servitors.(Or you do it your way.)
You just fill the gaps with your own mind.
You may go a more professional approach, thats ok, i’m a thinker but a newbie in magic, so don’t nag around.

And fucking PLEASE: Put me to the list of exceptions!! Don’t be a dick :’( …thats my job.

You got a symbole, representing a “place of power”/"-of concentrated power",
but keep in mind that its supposed to be drawn, carved, cut, and build pretty easy!
So choose something that is easy to replicate.

This “place of power” -the symbol, is supposed absorb the creative energy/life force of the surrounding area.
You gotta be understanding now why i’m so eager to ask you, for putting me on the list of exceptions!
The collected energy is yours, and noone is supposed to be able to take it -you are able to write out exceptions for that
If you come close to such place, it will automaticly give you the stored energy, OR you choose a codeword/ -phrase/incantation, so it would be deployed “manual”, or even in “certain amounts” idk.

Servitors would collect the energy AND guard the symbols, so they others would ignore them, or/and don’t destroy them.

.:. 2 You got a sign for “source”/“portal”

This has two uses:

If you give birth to a servitor, you give it a hack of a lot of energy, by doing so at that symbol.
This source, is like you probably allready thought, connected to every single “place of power”,
and it will floud the creature with a lot of energy.

This one is more obvious, and is to take any possible amount of energy from every single “place of power”, or/and drain them dry and to suck energy in a great scale.

Again, you can alter this as you see fit.
~You could set the parameters, like that you only feed on plants and animals, or whatever.
You can use this to boost yourself with confidence, or with joy(when you happen to be depressed)
-anything. Maybe even willpower idk.

.:.3 (optional)
A symbol of sacrifice. This one would be also connected to every single place of power,
and would put the energy of your sacrifice in storage. (Like a GIANT and occult version of a power bank.)

You know, just in case its needed: of course can you make the symbols themself have a certain effect,
but its for me personally easier to believe, that servitors are robbing the area of energy, rather than my crude symbols would do it themself. So this detail would be for me just a neat extra.

Einst verschlang ich fünf Kontinente, meint Durst schluckte drei Weltmeere leer.
Allein der Himmel vermag es sich meiner Herrschaft zu entziehen.
Wisset, mein Leib nennt nicht Flügel noch Arm noch Bein sein Eigen.
Ich bin die Midgardschlange, ich trage den Namen, Jormungand.


Another thing:

You could add something, that would refine and filter the energy.
But personally, i see no reason to filter it, if you are allready asking for a specific kind of energy.

The place of power/ -of concentrated power.

Example: a cross with a hook at the left and the right side

You could build it, paint it in a certain colour if you want,
and put it out in nature -or where ever you like.

You could also use stickers/prints, and you would charge them before pinning them everywhere you want them. You could also draw the symbol with a permanent marker or spray paint at public -or even religious places.

The symbol for the source.
If you are wearing long sleeve shirts, you may could stitch it on the inside, and you would just flip it over to use it.

You could attach the symbol of a dead martyr to an ancient symbol, let’s call it a cross, have this concept he let people drink his blood and believed you should always be peaceful and only look for happiness after you die (preferably whilst killing other people for wrongthink) then laugh as millions of people die fighting over the right way to worship him maybe?

Bet that’s never been tried b4 mate. :thumbsup:

Drachir, whatever you are currently channeling for inspiration is not on your side. :wink:

Become a living GOD, not a living leech. Create, don’t parasitise.

JMO and do as thou wilt etc.

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For that, you need power.

Maybe… the akatzuki theme is running in a loop since a hours or so,
and i listened to that hell file from abysssarian recently.

And maybe is something influencing my choice of names when it comes to servitors.
-the problem: i shouldn’t tell the names, even if they were not potentially malevolent

You get power by doing magick though. Using your muscles, creating the power and the glory within, Stolen power is no power at all, especially when someone wants it back - and has the ability to take it.


You did realize, that i would use this power for something, right?

Not just to suck it all up until my vehicle is going to expload.

Come on, the cross was just a example.

I guess we just see things differently, I am working my ass off and fighting literal battles on a regular basis to force global theogenesis not global slavery, you see the same things and have different ideas.

You do you, I shouldn’t have commented, it hasn’t helped anyone in any way. :thumbsup:

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Don’t worry too much :wink:

BUT: You could use something like this also in a benevolent way.

Collect the energy of enslaving believe, ignorance and stupidity,
store it and let servitors transmute it, so it would loose it toxic attributes, and would be reduced to nothing but power.


Sounds a bit like the talisman of counter creation you learn to create in the BMoA

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Actually: i own the book, but didn’t even read to thos point.
~I have put this idea of a construct together, well fed with that servitor crap :wink:

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I still need to read it cover to cover. But I’d suggest reading that part, might be helpful. Difference is it doesn’t create servitors.

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As far as i know, does it work more or less like what i mentioned.

Instead of entities which operate with and charge that symbol, you charge it yourself,
you program.

As long as what i think to know isn’t completely wrong, i do believe that my approach is much more versatile.

Servitors seem in generell, like the “easy way” for anything, but allways with a risk,
but anyone i heard about servitors, or what i read -it allways contianed a fail safe.
The fatal flaw. Some visualisation/material/object/or incantation kills the servitor if wanted.

So… there is no real risk.
~I mean: you could just put in two fail safes.
First: the entity dies if it harms you,
And a second (redundant) one, which can look like anything you want.

But thanks anyway, i’m going to read that part of the text some time soon.

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Passive incomes mah dude


With some slight modifications, I could make this better, more practical, and less silly.

Instead of having it steal power and funnel it into you, make it so anyone who enters a place with the symbol is linked to the symbol, and those who are linked to the symbol can be influenced by your will more easily. You would have to give them some benefit to being linked to the symbol though so the link is less likely to be broken by attending church or whatever the people do after they are linked to the symbol. Maybe make it so they unconsciously defer to you in conversation, but are more likely to have things go their way when things are up in the air.


@Drachir how did this turn out?

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Discared, since my servitors are only on the edge of existence,
due to my disbelieve and lack of skill.

~But i don’t say that i won’t try it out in the future.
I just need some tiny bits of believe…

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If you have the means to do it,
then DO IT.
But remember this line:

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