Serpents of Kur

I went on an inner journey with the four gatekeepers (Azazel, Amaymon, Belial, and Abbadon) to do some work so that the Gate to the Lake of Fire can be opened (I have a lot going on internally). During that inner journey, the ground split wide open and I saw three serpents rise up out of the abyss and they breathed dark flames(?) over the landscape. They were referred to as the Serpents of Kur. I got the impression they will destroy the backdoor that I’ve mentioned in some of my posts.

I couldn’t get much out of Abbadon about these serpents as there were other matters that needed to be covered. So I’ve Googled, but didn’t find much, except for this: and whatever is on Wikipedia.

Just wondering if any of you guys ever had any experience with these serpents? Are they really destroyers? Is that their only function? Or do they do other things too?


Visions often use snakes as symbols to represent the potentatonial dangerous behavior of yourself, or more often of someone close to you who is typically male.

Shudder… Three fire-breathing snakes may symbolize an angry outbursts by someone or someone that uses anger as a means to take control or control others. Not destruction of your craft. Although the number three may have potential magical or spiritual meaning a deity might be sending you a message regarding your conduct that is effecting your life and to alter course to avoid pitfalls, really a transformation.

Check out this link regarding visions of three snakes at:

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Thanks for your theory, but it isn’t that. :slight_smile:

They were Serpents of Kur, and their purpose is to help destroy something internally present that has been holding me back. I sat with Astarte after finishing my session with the Gatekeepers and she confirmed that the Serpents of Kur is there for that purpose.

I wasn’t asking for an interpretation of my experience. I’m merely wanting to know if anyone else has ever worked with the Serpents of Kur, or if they’d had any actual experience with them.


OK fair enough not my personal experience but thought i would comment.

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No problem, I appreciated you chiming in anyway. :slight_smile:

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The subject of the serpents of Kur has come up again for me recently. Are there any good books or similar out there that will help me summon and work with the serpents of Kur?

I feel Belial is pointing me in this direction again (I’m working through his Gatekeeper pathworking), even though it was Abaddon who summoned them in the original experience.

Not sure, but I might go ask lots of question of Ereshkigal, Queen of the Great Earth, and the ruling deity of Kur…?

But these serpents aren’t actually in Kur, right, they guard the entrance? :thinking: Sometimes that’s scorpions.

I feel like there’s a conversation on here somewhere about the scorpions and serpents guarding Kur, but I can’t find it right now. Someone wanted to work with the scorpion warriors/men or something.

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Yeah I might try that. Don’t know why I never thought of it. :joy:

Thank you. :blush: :gem: